Through the free phone mobile office was stopped at the end of this one

refers to the enterprise market, free phone service has the biggest news for some mobile office software was halted, according to reliable sources, the NetEase easecredit, Ali nail, Tencent / enterprise calls WeChat, Kingdee cloud home platform will face free phone stopped. There is no doubt that this event will have a profound impact on the entire mobile office market.

mobile office is rooted in professional services

was stopped from the free phone service can be seen, there is a considerable part of the mobile office platform are relying on some free services to attract business users, and not really focus on mobile office services.

in fact, whether it is for large enterprises, or for the small and medium enterprises, they really care about is a professional enterprise mobile office service: whether can provide truly meet the enterprise professional service, according to the different enterprises in different industries, the demand for the user pain points, to provide the ability to solve problems, so as to really help enterprises improve office efficiency, improve the operating performance of enterprises. Especially for many of the traditional domestic enterprises, they are facing the pressure of the transformation of the Internet, with the help of mobile office platform has become the necessary needs of their transformation and upgrading. Then, the level of professional mobile office service is strong enough, it will become the most fundamental reference for the enterprise to choose the platform.

in addition, we have obtained from some of the enterprise market in the field of service has been recognized platform, you can also see the importance of professionalism. On the one hand, in the global market, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and other companies with sufficient professional and technical strength, win the market PC global office enterprise, today they have become a leader in this field, has become the international giants; on the other hand, some domestic professional service ability very strong platform. Such as blue letters, it is by virtue of this point received a number of government agencies and institutions as well as large and medium-sized enterprises recognized.

mobile office is based on security

in the eyes of many people, the phone is free to move the three operators of cheese, but Liu Kuang personally do not think so simple. In fact, the phone will breed free telephone harassment spread, there will also be more arbitrary display number and license free IP telephone access, which will probably lead to employee privacy and staff office data leakage, caused great hidden danger to the user mobile phone information security, more likely to lead to illegal use of the network telephone fraud and other illegal and criminal activities also, the mobile office security enterprise greatly affected.

After the outbreak of the

Snowden event, the world’s attention to the national data security information is far more than ever before. From our establishment of a central network security and information technology leadership team of the moment, data security has also been fully up to the national information security strategy, which shows the importance of national security. In fact, not just the country’s information security in the face of challenges, domestic very