Electric blow a pond by the traditional industry return to the real economy

electricity supplier, is undoubtedly the most shining star in the field of industrial economy in 2012.

in the global financial crisis and China’s economic growth in the context of decline, excess, loss, depression and other words kept hitting the eyeball. But in our fragile economic marvel in 2012, the electricity supplier industry has one after another to create a series of exciting moments and figures. Only double eleven day, Taobao and Tmall that completed the transaction amount of 19 billion 100 million yuan. According to the National Bureau of statistics released in 2012 the total retail sales of social consumer goods in October, accounting for 19 billion 100 million of the country’s total retail sales of $30%.

in 2012, the annual economic figures award party, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Jack Ma said, 10 years after the electricity supplier to account for half of the retail market. This rhetoric attracted Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin about gambling: "supplier and then powerful, but like bathing, feet, ears, these services, electricity providers can not be replaced. I bet with Mr. Ma Yun: in 2020, if the electricity supplier in the Chinese retail market accounted for 50%, I gave to the Ma Yun, if not, he returned to me, I was one hundred million."

"to wake up big bet" let us bring the shock from the crazy business, more and more traditional industries are no longer standing on the sidelines of the electronic commerce, wake up and fall over each other to the electricity supplier industry, the electricity supplier industry is causing a new round of reform of industrial economy, it caused the whole society thinking.

stir traditional industries

"double eleven", "shuangshier" series of shopping, let Liu found himself a winter was not into shopping malls, small commodities, large furniture electrical appliances, Liu’s daily life already cannot do without online shopping. In Miss Liu around, friends and neighbors, relatives and friends in the electricity supplier is chasing promotion day people follow the trend of panic buying.


electricity supplier has long been the daily life of consumers, but it has never been like this in 2012, flying into the homes of ordinary people, and began to change the way people live.

2012 is the electricity supplier industry smoke of the year, but also a year of electricity industry stride forward singing militant songs.

from the beginning of 2012, poly products, cool days, Yao point 100, cotton net electricity providers have failed, not involved in the closures of the electricity began gezonglianheng against winter". In September, red children sold to Suning, Suning to maternal and child class segments of the enclosure, accelerate the realization of "electrical appliance"; October, shop No. 1 to WAL-MART, WAL-MART’s business layout is the basis, and 1 stores also acquired from WAL-MART supply chain and financial support. During this period, a number of electricity supplier giant more chaotic price war, and attract more traditional industries get together to enter the field of electricity providers.

Part of the electricity supplier

but continued losses since the beginning of last year, the electricity supplier industry did not reduce the heat, then the Jingdong "6· 18 anniversary of the United States," 7· 18-7&>; "