CCTV expose network gambling trap 5 billion years of gambling

news June 11th, on the eve of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa at the beginning of the CCTV focus column reported online gambling major "Happy Paradise" gambling trap. Reported that the "paradise" gambling sites using a can and third party payment platform directly docking gambling payment system, control and operation of the huge gambling. As of the incident, the company’s monthly transfer amount of about 200 million yuan, a total of $5 billion within two years.

focus on the final reminder of the majority of users in the world cup to remain vigilant, called on everyone to promptly report online gambling sites.




below for the program’s text record:

network brings convenience to people, but also become a new area of gambling crime activities. According to the Peking University Chinese lottery Research Institute survey, Chinese every year due to gambling and gambling money flows abroad, equivalent to 15 times the national welfare lottery issuing a total of a year, almost equal to the total income of the national tourism industry a year, in 2006 this figure has more than 600 billion yuan. For the spread of the phenomenon of online gambling, remediation network gambling illegal activities in the country to carry out special operations. Jiangsu City Public Security Bureau in Guangdong, Zhuhai, Shenzhen public security organs with the cooperation, cracked a large online gambling case.

strange phenomenon leads to online gambling cases

at the beginning of February 2010, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment net in the fight against online gambling special action, the agent Wang Tianbao arrested for offshore gambling sites. According to the police, Wang Tianbao agents of a number of offshore gambling sites, which is the focus of the agency is called Paradise Paradise gambling sites.


Le paradise" is an overseas gambling group opened a special for users in China gambling sites, they through recruitment agencies to promote the site, the continuous development of members to participate in gambling, gambling on the site there could be content. Police, music paradise gambling there are two main ways, one called sports betting, another way of gambling is called casino. The police found in reconnaissance, in the casino gamblers gambling is the largest, and is also the biggest. Detective Wang Jin said: because the casino set up a reality show, in this case, you can see a video on the computer, the video gives the feeling of a real time casino."

according to Wang Tianbao account, he every day for the development of online group members through the "Le paradise" link, from the beginning of October last year until he was arrested, has more than and 400 members, a total of gambling amounted to about 10000000 yuan, about 900000 yuan of illegal profits. Wang Tianbao said, the Gambling company to his 30% rebate directly into his bank card.