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technology news Beijing time on May 20th morning news, Google CEO Pichai Sandahl · (Sundar Pichai) confirmed to the "Forbes" magazine, the company plans to set up a "business incubator Area 120".

technology blog The Information reported the news last month, but the company has always been silent. Pichai talked about the search and Google’s future in an interview last week. He said that the project is still in the planning, has not yet been finalized.

Google internal staff has been very keen to engage in new projects, many of our products are developed in this way." He said, "on our scale, we want to ensure that these projects are implemented in a comprehensive and thoughtful way to achieve their ambitions." He said that Google is very interested in the idea of this.

is known to all, Google allows engineers and other employees to spend one day a week in an amateur program, but the policy has been greatly reduced. However, Google wants to meet the new employee’s entrepreneurial passion through different ways, some of them can be within the new project started at the same time, with the help of Google’s venture capital funded part of employee turnover business.

Area 120 is a completely new way, it is not only an incubator, but also to a certain extent, the continuation of the spirit of the "20% project". In fact, the inspiration for the name 120 comes from 20%.

"This is

‘20% project’ provides a positive opportunity." Pichai said. These employees don’t have to take a day off each week to take part in an amateur program, but can spare 6 months to specialize in the project. He said that Google will be part of the project to lease huge computing resources.

"we also have a large centralized infrastructure and services that can help people solve new problems, which is more like an incubator." Pichai said.

The Information said that Google may invest in some of the final departure from Area 120 independent companies to set up the project. The blog also said that the project will be developed by the Google Corporation Director Tang · Harrison (Don Harrison) and Photos director · (Bradley) (Horowitz) Co leadership. (Yu


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