The establishment, promotion and development of high school forum

do high school forum, first of all to do a good job of ideological preparation, I say two:

1, can do much problem: the high school is not a piece of fat, so some people a year, graduated from the school in 800, of which 200 are you down to the forum registration is good, the 200 people there are 100 people posting is also very good, so don’t go to care about the number of Posts every day how much, it will affect the enthusiasm.

2, a high school forum, IP and PV are there, not for GG.

specific operating procedures:

1, forum program selection

I choose the discuz, both in terms of speed and stability, and operation are more comprehensive and secure, now the space can support static more, my forum is static, the search engine is love

2, the choice of space

graduates across the country share is open, so not to choose a single line, but if there is no double space good, preferred to yourself, you will use telecommunications telecommunications, students located in what place can also consider their line. The size of
space, space is not small, I choose the flat-share space, estimated that 1G be enough for you, the MySQL database needs to be above 100M, I personally recommend two space: outdated dabaobuping, letter space is also very good, and the choice of size, variety, cheaper to find agents the price of the two space I recommend are the first stable.

3, domain name selection

my high school name: Hunan province Yueyang county first middle school, I chose the meters are:  (non AD, my high school not on the AD), why choose this, because the school is commonly known as a Yueyang County, the first word in pinyin, main principles of meters is good remember, don’t go to emphasize how stylish, sometimes used in this, Midoubi digital meters long Pinyin English note.

4, the planning of the

I believe

will use discuz, a night not definitely can get started, the planning section is very important place, build their own forum, forum adjusted many times, because I myself is a process of exploration.

my high school name is: Yueyang first middle school, but I opened the following section:

1, a novice in the Yueyang District
2, a story in the
3, alumni photo
4, college life
5, youth topic
6, Yueyang forum

let me explain why I want to open these sections

is the first for Baidu, including the keywords