Robin Li confirmed that Baidu takeaway will spin off, the future to invest $3 billion in the field o

Abstract: Robin Li announced that Baidu takeaway and Baidu 91 desktop will split independent development, while confirming that Baidu takeaway last week completed a $250 million financing. Robin Li said that a few years ago, Baidu is not willing to invest too much, but now the investment will become increasingly important strategic part of Baidu, which Baidu to invest $3 billion in the field of O2O.


Baidu is currently undergoing Google now faces a crisis of survival: a large number of Internet users China OCS way into a smart mobile phone from PC, bypassing the search engine Baidu. In this regard, Robin Li think of the answer is that Baidu’s business gradually extended from online to offline, the definition of O2O as a new source of growth for Baidu.


earlier today released the 2015 second quarter earnings, analysts in the meeting, Robin Li announced that Baidu and Baidu takeaway 91 desktop will split the independent development, Baidu also confirmed last week completed a $250 million financing.

Baidu takeaway on the line, initially operating in an open platform approach, online access to take out cooperation O2O company, the line under the cooperation of takeaway O2O logistics company, providing only their own platform. But after the second half of 2014, Baidu takeaway began to self, online restaurant by their own talk about discounts. At the same time, the development of the takeaway scheduling system, integrated logistics personnel under the line, and has established a logistics team, Baidu knight". And relying on Baidu search, Baidu maps, Baidu Nuomi access to traffic support.

in titanium media and commercial value jointly organized by the MIIC2015 conference, Baidu takeaway boss said not to sell out of money, eventually have to do is choose from the angle of city logistics, takeaway, do this thing into the future will be $90.


CEO and DCM Robin Li, co-founder and managing partner Zhao Keren to start a dialogue in the dialogue, Robin Li said a few years ago, Baidu didn’t want to carry too much investment, but now the investment will become more and more important part of Baidu strategy, which Baidu would invest $3 billion in the O2O field.

at the end of last year, Baidu invested Uber. Last month, Baidu announced an additional 20 billion yuan investment in Baidu Nuomi within the next three years. Recently, Robin Li also denied the media that Baidu has to give up the bidding NOKIA Here map business reports, Baidu said this is still interested, and Baidu in the United States investment appetite has not been satisfied.

Robin Li also said that with respect to the United States, commercial companies, more emphasis on U.S. technology companies, especially artificial intelligence technology.

we believe that artificial intelligence as a technology is very important, more important for future development. No matter what you do, search, O2O, or unmanned, all the underlying technology is related to artificial intelligence."

Robin Li said that China’s economy is now very friendly to the Internet in all vertical