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station network ( November 7th news, according to statistics group 800, September domestic group purchase turnover of 3 billion 350 million yuan, 338 million yuan less than last month; the purchase of 48 million 973 thousand passengers, 10 million 575 thousand passengers decreased compared to last month; in the sale of a single group is 563 thousand, last month increased 18 thousand.

so far, the three quarter of this year to buy all the data released, the monthly turnover of more than $3 billion, with a total turnover of more than 10 billion yuan. The first 3 quarters of the total turnover of $24 billion 200 million, equivalent to about 113.2% last year. Recalling the entire third quarter sales data, the first time to buy the size of a breakthrough in the "10 billion" mark, the quarterly growth rate hit a new high in the past two years, reaching 35%. The size of the user group purchase in August 10 million people scale growth after September and declined in the same magnitude, the user scale of tens of millions of dollars magnitude of ups and downs, but basically does not affect the development of the whole industry group purchase. Through the analysis of the quarterly historical sales data, in the 3 stage of development after its initial stages – 1000 dogfight – big reshuffle ", since 2013, the market is to achieve growth recovery of group purchase.

restaurant as the first living service category, master control field advantage, to maintain market share in more than 50%, is the focus of development in the field of group purchase station line. Among them, the public comment group, handle network, the U.S. mission network of food and beverage revenue accounted for more than 50%, the public comment group up to 60.3%. The same as the TOP5 site nuomi and Wo Wo Group, five categories of business revenue structure has changed, although the restaurant is still the main business, but the physical and entertainment market revenue share is rising gradually. Therefore, in the development of the market is relatively mature catering group buying, the capacity has been limited, the rest of the site needs to adjust the focus of business development, in the rest of the category force. If the tick group take "drive hotel tourism" and "service life" dual business model, respectively occupy 33% of the total revenue in September and 31.2%; at the same time, the service life has become the first camp full network of business categories, occupy 37.5% of the total revenue in September.

routine survey in September, the regiment of the 800 group purchase site survival number is 494, compared with the February survey data to reduce 449, compared to 5058 scale and the highest record in history, the current site survival rate of only 9.77%. In the 494 existing sites, engaged in clothing and footwear, cosmetics and other goods for sale website proportion rise again, accounted for 46.79%, about 231. Access through artificial click found that this kind of web address link to jump directly to, Tmall mall, shop No. 1 shops, mostly business clothing and footwear, bags, children’s pregnant baby as B2C, C2C class business, "group purchase" but by name. Therefore, this kind of low operating costs of the site, with respect to the provision of Integrated Services Class Network >