Li Yinan the tragic 3 million earned nearly 1 billion of the final 7 million as a prisoner

from HUAWEI to the myth of "genius CEO", turned from the investor to the last prisoner, Li Yinan the ups and downs of life are legendary, but also a sigh.

New Year’s Eve approaching, Li Yinan, after all, can not wait to come home to reunite the opportunity.

January 24th, the Shenzhen intermediate people’s court made the first instance verdict, found guilty of insider trading Li Yinan was sentenced to imprisonment in two years and six months, and fined 7 million 500 thousand yuan. At this point, the technology has disappeared in the public view of the public for a year and a half.

looking back, from the HUAWEI myth to the "genius CEO", turned from the investor to the last prisoner, Li Yinan the ups and downs of life are legendary, but also a sigh.

"Prison" by

Li Yinan illegal during the Jinsha River venture capital office.

according to the prosecution allegations, April 18, 2014, buying "he used brother-in-law and mother’s securities account of Huazhong CNC 657 thousand and 42 shares, the amount of 11 million 485 thousand and 500 yuan to buy. Based on the trust of his brother’s investment decisions, browse the situation of Li Yinan’s securities trading, the younger sister also used its own funds 5 million yuan documentary purchase. Li Yinan a total profit of 439 yuan, more than ten million yuan profit sister.

previously, there are rumors that Li Yinan accident was due to be reported, but prosecutors data show that Li Yinan incident, is due to abnormal behavior in the sensitive period of insider information, the Commission is a big data system alarm. Prosecutors alleged that Li Yinan was picking accurate, because the insider information sensitive period in Huazhong CNC mergers and acquisitions, and Huazhong CNC President Li Xiaotao repeatedly contact and contact. However, Li Yinan in court argued that his personal relationship with Li Xiaotao, and never get news from Li Xiaotao.

Li Xiaotao and Li Yinan are alumni of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, two people from 1993 into the HUAWEI company. Statistics show that Li Xiaotao served as president of Huazhong NC in May 2012, resigned in December 21, 2014.

puzzling is that the annual salary of the president of the first class of HUAWEI are tens of millions of dollars, according to common sense, Li Yinan, there is no need to profit through insider trading. Moreover, Li Yinan later also venture, make investment, is not the main money. As of press time ago, Li Yinan has decided to appeal.


and HUAWEI’s "hatred"

Li Yinan who was the first label "juvenile genius", 15 years old, he was admitted to the Huazhong University of Science and Technology youth class. 1992, in the two year of graduate students Li Yinan began in HUAWEI internship, after graduating from the official HUAWEI, from the beginning of its amazing career promotion road.

he took two days to HUAWEI engineers, half a month he was promoted to director of engineer, was promoted to the first half of the central research.