The application will drive, APP will be replaced

January 11, 2016, Zhang Xiaolong in the WeChat open class PRO on the release of WeChat is about to launch the application number, the news in the industry immediately opened the pot. According to Zhang Xiaolong, because there is no service to meet the needs of users, to try to launch the application, application, similar to the APP function, users pay attention to "application", can WeChat connect everything. So the question is, in accordance with the above expression, if the application is really coming, APP will be replaced?

enterprise APP value


of WeChat’s upcoming news application, spread, some people optimistic about the people mouthing, in any case, the emergence of new products is the progress of the industry, I believe that the application, after the launch will benefit mankind, but as to whether it will replace APP, the obvious answer is "no", APP industry to bring value, believe have their own independent APP the vast majority of enterprises are clear. Now first to analyze the value of enterprise APP.

first, the mobile Internet era, more and more users use smart mobile phone, especially after 95, 00 after they are in this era of Aboriginal people, also after 70, 80 from the PC terminal transfers the end user is gradually expanding, APP can provide what? In addition to eat to live entertainment, computer terminal can provide almost the APP can replace APP, enterprise software can through the user needs to enter into the mobile Internet world, bring more users for the enterprise.

second, after a user installs a APP, he doesn’t need a computer, you can view the APP timing whenever and wherever possible for users to launch information, including products and services, but also can update the enterprise information on the APP, let the user deeper understanding to the enterprise, to increase user awareness of enterprises, to retain more the new and old customers.

third, APP development of enterprises, is a powerful weapon to enhance its brand image, enterprise APP in pushing information for enterprise brand publicity, and enterprise APP users have more obvious similarities, the user is very precise, the propaganda effect is stronger.

application number can subvert independent APP Mody?

According to

Zhang Xiaolong, the author and the understanding of the application, the application number will be reduced to business technology development threshold, users do not need to log on, does not need any jump in WeChat can achieve the transaction closed loop.

is known to all, WeChat has a strong social attributes, it is reported that there are about 650 million WeChat users, the average user per day to brush circle of friends is 30-40 times, on average every half an hour brush. So it seems that WeChat still has a strong advantage, so in the end it can not subvert the independent APP it?

first, WeChat’s regulatory policy is not suitable for the development of APP in its platform, take the article, sometimes you want to find an article in the WeChat public number, only to find >