Daily topics by the end of the month close watch tick group group purchase website competition of fa

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 28th news, this March had ended immediately, I do not know whether we still remember tick at the first month group has announced that it will officially close group purchase business in March 31, 2014, the future will move to a new business model. It was No. 31 coming, hear to close the group purchase business, which is a regret. No matter what tick group also served in the group purchase industry occupies a position of


is now hearing the news that the group buying site is closed, as if it’s getting used to it because it’s too much. China Electronic Commerce Research Center, the latest data show that since the beginning of the group to buy, buy site closed 5376, closing rate of up to 86%. Take a look at the probability of 86% this means that now is not just those small group buying site closed, closed tide has begun to spread to those front-line website.

in the spring of 2010 to buy into the Chinese market, then it can be described as the brilliant period of the group, but also experienced a capital boom. Large small group buying site is all over the network, but this spring has not continued. After two years of hot 2012, group purchase industry ushered in the closures, the industry was also a major reshuffle. 24 coupons, Groupon wages closed after the collapse back online but collapse, thousands of network products, quietly gathered nets by the merchant siege, tick group closed group purchase business, once in the top 10 on the list of group purchase group purchase website have fallen one by one, not to mention the small group purchase website over the internet.

group purchase sites continue to shut down does not mean people for group purchase demand is also reduced? The fact that this is on the contrary, data show that last year the group purchase market turnover totaled 53 billion 289 million yuan, compared to 2012 rose 52.8%. Last year, the national consumer spending to buy up to 73 billion 600 million yuan, the group has become one of the main forms of consumer spending. Since it has become one of the main forms of consumption, why are there so many buy site is facing closure?." Tick group market operation vice president Zhu Min in an interview with the Herald reporter said that the group purchase website too much, excessive competition caused by low profit industry

said the group purchase and video are the same as the burning of the industry, group purchase websites need to continue to invest money in order to support the business go, once the capital chain problems, the promotion of online and offline business cooperation have problems. After a few waves out of the group to buy the market concentration significantly improved, has become the field of Internet giants compete. From the United States mission, glutinous rice, public comment, it is not difficult to find here the Internet giant figure. Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center Director Cao Lei said, the U.S. group, public comment, Wo Wo Group, handle network, glutinous rice nets, Gao Peng net top ten group purchase website has been firmly occupy the dominant position of the market. Last year, the top ten buy site transactions accounted for the sum of the total market share of 42%, buy platform accounted for market share of 37%, other small group >