Do men engage in extortion negative coding forum issued monthly customer discount



recently, Guangdong, Maoming police cracked a criminal case with the use of the network to engage in criminal activities. A man who founded the Huazhou forum, some leading cadres have registered Ma3 jia3, negative news, in order to force the victim to delete posts, to blackmail and impose exactions on.


town cadres reported extortion

last year by the end of the day, a town cadres in Guangdong city of Huazhou province to the Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring unit, a few months to reflect their own online has been plagued by rumors of trouble. In September last year, the town cadres inadvertently found himself suddenly became the Huazhou Forum on the Internet celebrity". It is called a "celebrity" and not because of his "town Party Secretary" status, but there are people in the online posting, said he is not only the use of money, or a "burial" peach secretary". At this time it was suggested that he go to the website to delete these posts, so he found someone to get in touch with the Huazhou forum network. Web site said to be able to delete the money, forced by the cadres remitted 5000 yuan, after the exchange of these posts were deleted.

however, just one month, the negative news about the cadres appeared at the Huazhou forum, look for, the answer is: only 5000 yuan a month, also want to delete to pay again. But in the cadres and pay 2000 yuan, but he felt that the 2000 yuan still can’t give this Huashangjuhao, then reported to the public security organ.

forum founder negative news

Huazhou police found

in the course of the investigation, these negative news hype people although the use of "grey wolf" "Miss" and "traveler" or "tomato scrambled eggs" and other net, but in fact they are the same person, the true identity of Huazhou forum founder Wang Zhi right. He registered dozens of vest, for leading cadres to fabricate the negative news, forcing the victim to delete posts, to blackmail and impose exactions on.

After the

case is clear, the Huazhou police in Shenzhen, a rental will be online crime Wang Zhiquan arrested, and seized the computer and mobile phones and other tools of crime. According to Wang Zhiquan account, in 2009 he had started the Huazhou forum website, do not know the money delete this road, only know that a website Renqiwang can pull advertising to make money. At that time, not many people concerned about the Forum Network in Huazhou, he used to collect negative news from other sites in Huazhou to improve the way the click rate and popularity.

was originally only to

illegal money

one day, Wang Zhiquan suddenly received a call from a man surnamed Liang’s phone, he two thousand dollars to let Wang Zhiquan out of a post, since then Wang Zhiquan know that money can also delete posts. The man who is Mr Leung who said his father called Liang Shangrong, is a reporter for the Maoming Journal of the south, he was a teacher in maonan. Police introduction