Domain name registration company GoDaddy listed on the first day rose 31% market capitalization of n

GoDaddy shares

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on April 2nd news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that the domain name registration company GoDaddy on Wednesday officially landed in New York stock exchange, stock symbol" GDDY ", listed on the first day to close at $26.15, compared to $20 issue price rose 30.75%.

GoDaddy on Wednesday to determine the IPO issue price of $20 per share, higher than the previous $17 to $19 issue price range. GoDaddy plans to issue 23 million shares, financing $460 million.

GoDaddy on Wednesday at the New York Stock Exchange opened at $26.15, the highest intraday rise to $26.84, compared with the issue price rose 34%, the lowest $25.49. As of Wednesday’s close, GoDaddy shares rose $6.15 to close at $26.15, or 30.75%.

YAHOO financial data show that in accordance with the closing price of $26.15, GoDaddy market capitalization of $3 billion 950 million.