From the author to podcast VC Reds from him we summed up the 8 points of entrepreneurial experience

last week, several senior venture capitalists, Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, Roelof Botha and Marc Andreessen on Harry Stebbings expression was invariably admiration.

but, wait a minute, who is this guy?

MBA of Harvard graduates to race each other when each lap you want to squeeze the wind, the little-known British is how to "other people lying on the beach", became the object of the tabloids fall over each other’s interview? American cartoonist Peter Steiner words with appropriate here: on the Internet, who knows you only 19 at the age of.


at the lowest point in my life, I met Harry Stebbings program. At that time I was suffering from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the whole depression is no spirit. In those feet almost impossible to shore up the body of the day, I searched the entire podcast circle, trying to find some of the record prices of the content, then, I heard Harry Stebbings’s "The Twenty Minute VC".

Harry the beginning of the program is not how, but he progress every time. In the interview process, Harry will be diligent to take notes, go home and study carefully, and then apply it to their own company. With the passage of time, Harry really achieved impressive results.

had started the podcast, Harry was just a student, with an open mind to their idols for advice; and now he has become the new model. The Harry company is simply a vivid textbook, study hard and you will find that Harry will lean start-up method, set off the marketing method, viral propagation method in today’s record prices of the essence of play to the extreme, the harvest of incomparable influence.

now, let’s talk about how I met Harry.


‘s cancer rehabilitation, I listed my 75 Favorite podcast programs. I gave Harry a B (now that he’s a decent A), and sums up his show as "an over enthusiastic Englishman’s flattery to venture capitalists."".

I like the idea of Harry and the structure of the program, as well as his simple and generous, but there are still a few deeply troubled me. Harry was in fact at the same time to do two shows, another major concern European angel investment; to be honest, the program really lets a person forget.

in the witness Harry program from from a few scattered audience to 100 thousand listeners, I summed up several reasons for the success of Harry, I hope you can also record prices to some from middle school founder.

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