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2005 together to receive the award of the three major portal head

July 21st is the first day of the China Internet Conference in 2015. Roughly looked at yesterday’s WeChat circle of friends, found that only the old club, Lenovo cloud (or agent Lenovo cloud lanbiao friends released), Huayun data and CNET friends made a scene photos. Of course, there are Baidu cloud security students in the media scene called the students to drink afternoon tea.


is at the scene of the friend said on the Internet Conference forum to listen to the cloud Taiwan Memorial manuscript too tired. My heart: be contented. I remember in 2011 to participate in a network security conference, invited the old academician cloud made the pages of a noun encyclopedia is full of Chinese characters of PPT, and then read the word for word and sentence for sentence. In the following I listen, but take a mobile phone to open encyclopedia check whether there is any leakage word segmentation silently.


that has been eliminatedNo matter how hot Internet plus

, technology stocks rose, how a concept of how to build the air…… can not cover up the status quo. China Internet Conference popularity faded, as a product of the popularity of the Internet era of the retired

!There is no denying the fact that in the era of Internet led by PC, China’s Internet Conference has played a huge role in the popularization of information technology and the promotion of the Internet.

. However, in the mobile Internet as the leading domestic today, the Internet penetration rate is very high, and many domestic Internet companies in the world have mettle, need more appropriate and more influential scope, more in line with the platform of exchange and promotion of the development of the times. Needless to say, China Internet Conference can not be compared to the national Internet Information Office held the world Internet Conference, and even the annual mobile Internet Conference than this concern.

think, 10 years ago Chinese Internet Conference isn’t like this.

At that time the

China Internet Conference is the largest annual industry event, the Internet Co is fighting over to corporate bigwigs will come to a collective cheer. As an annual festival, inventory of star enterprise and industry hot spots, the various chiefs personally, have their new hot spot. Which popular companies did not mean to quit the first line of the market, which is not the focus of attention of the scene is meant to be abandoned by the industry. Even in 2007, (or later or earlier), one of the 80 ‘s leading video sites has been unable to pay and borrowed money to attend the conference. Of course, this year also saw a listed company executives did not address the topic, but also deliberately went to the scene to accept media interviews.

exposed to age, a few simple memories of the Chinese Internet Conference 10 years ago, a few memorable details.

10 years ago, the humor of the boss of the three portals

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