Micro business black hole pyramid selling into six months before making millions of common

"sweep me." Do micro business in the past three years, Liu Sa every time to see a new face, the first thing is to invite him to scan his two-dimensional code WeChat.

like all micro business, as there is no traditional channels, only to open the circle of friends of WeChat, others can glimpse the face of the company and its products.

from 2012, with the rise of WeChat, circle of friends has become a new electronic commerce. Many sellers Taobao fought in the circle of friends, so Tencent and Taobao had become enemies. After that, some sellers tried WeChat based micro shop, but not warm not fire.

did not expect WeChat’s electricity supplier eventually in a viral, controversial form of spread.

if the summary of several major characteristics of the micro business, roughly the same: the main category of daily necessities; through the spread of women in the circle of acquaintances; buyers are mostly women.

as for the quality of their products, CCTV and other media in the first half of 2015 continuous exposure to add banned hormone three mask or may reflect the overall situation from one side.

circle of friends is just a channel, as to what products to sell, in what way to sell, is a micro business on their own positioning and business ethics choices. Not all are three micro products, are engaged in mlm. But now micro business has become synonymous with pyramid schemes and toxic mask." Liu Sa told the "Oriental Outlook Weekly" interview, on the future of fear and helplessness change unpredictably.

subversion of traditional

do micro business before, Liu SA has been struggling in the electricity supplier circle of the whole ten years. These ten years, he is from the first dial removed from eachnet.com in the region rose to the general manager of a business company.

based on the survival of the mobile terminal and the rapid expansion of micro business suddenly appeared, so that Liu Sa was hit. In 2012, he decided to moved to the micro business, and by the clothing to do beauty.

, in his opinion, the greatest similarity at this stage of the business and the early micro electricity supplier, namely the transaction based on the trust of buyers and sellers: "even in large transactions, buyers will directly transfer payment, without third party guarantee."

so, relying on the "business ecosystem acquaintance economy set up, let’s show high micro channel communication efficiency — a lot of money to complete the import circulation within a short period of time, transactions become more frequent.

micro providers appear, so that the average age of the beauty industry practitioners, at least 10 years old." Liu Sa laments.

in the micro business arena, build sales network and channel faster than the electricity supplier era, the new brand will be able to develop hundreds of agents throughout the country in a few months. The completion of such accumulation of traditional brand line needs nearly 10 years.

"brand in the past year to open one or two exhibitions, but also to visit the country around the lower agents. Now with WeChat, all can be completed online, online exhibitions and conferences, and even can do a daily >

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