How to break the three marriage websites break the impact of mobile nternet

Author: Dai Jiajun

[i] horse reading "double eleven" curtain. When most users immersed in the double eleven Shopping Festival carnival atmosphere may be in full swing, there are some youth in the corner alone in silence, because for them, just past the double eleven also has a more important significance. "Singles day" the opening theme of love derived from the well-known informal "holiday", in the shopping atmosphere becomes not so bright, but for the dating website, but it is rare from the carnival. China’s top three marriage sites have made the layout to deal with the impact of the mobile Internet, they can break it?


Jiayuan launched "singles day" on the eve of the marriage pairing function using face recognition technology; Lily network launched "report single single let nowhere to hide", "whistleblowers" can get the lily network wedding consulting service, and have the opportunity to get crystal membership card; the cherished network is the "play off the strongest voice, start artificial soubrette great feedback and crystal VIP services to create" the history of the most crazy day".

in the hustle and bustle of the marketing Festival appearance, conceal dating sites declining desolate.

industry generally believe that due to the rapid development of mobile Internet, WeChat, unfamiliar street and other mobile social IM tools crazy rise, coupled with the service by props charging mode of each big website homogenization in a huge bottleneck, as the channel dating dating sites, the flow rate decreased seriously, more and more sad days.


in recent years, Jiayuan, Lily network, cherished network has realized the monopolistic competition network marriage market.

according to treasure network founder Li Song introduction, the current traditional platform still occupy the position of industry hegemony. Jiayuan, Lily network, cherish three firmly occupy the domestic network marriage intermediary market share of more than 70%, to create a traditional online dating market three discrete situation.

however, even if the separation of the three potential managers do not let them sleep without any anxiety.

According to the

traffic monitoring agency Alexa this year released data show that in recent years the three dating website traffic has decreased significantly. Jiayuan nearly three months of traffic rank in around 1000, compared to last year about 500 decline; ranking Title real name friends Lily network recently at around 2600, compared to the beginning of the year fell by more than 700; and to the professional matchmaker service model based on today’s cherished network of around 4400 in the global rankings compared to the beginning of the year, fell more than 900.

and it is worth noting that the previous decline in the flow of dating sites are different, this time the impact is not a new entrants from peers, but the whole wave of mobile dating.


with 600 million users The Legendary Swordsman, as the entrance of the mobile Internet, WeChat has already become.

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