Webmaster foreign website traffic fell trough this Christmas Sharen

              yesterday was Christmas day, Chinese people seem to be more and more like to accept this should belong to the western festival. In the Christmas, China’s Web site also followed up a lively, have hung up the Christmas LOGO. Many owners also took this opportunity to flow out early, be a blessing "promotion of viral. These owners may be obtained in this way the flow, but also gain a lot of money. However, foreign owners are generally reflected website traffic plummeted. The following is the author from the foreign forum in the forum excerpts compiled posts, look at their discussion:

1, during the holidays my site traffic dropped, I do not know how the site?

2, from December 23rd to January 2nd is always the worst annual flow, this time the site traffic will drop about 60%.

3, I run a large writer community, it has more than and 400 sections, I try not to watch the holiday traffic statistics, because I am afraid of disappointment. In fact, the average site traffic began to decline 10 days ago. My site fell by 35% yesterday.

4, usually before and after Christmas is the lowest income in a year when the site.

5, during the Christmas season, I click on the site advertising significantly reduced.

6, little change in site traffic, but the income has been declining. A lot of advertising in this period of time has not seen, so I guess it is advertisers to slow down the advertising plan.

7, during the Christmas season, my website click rate and income all the way down. I would like to be like me in the holiday season is still busy in their own web site is difficult to escape this rule,


8, under normal circumstances, the site traffic in mid December to mid January there will be a slight decline. The sharp decline in traffic mainly concentrated in December 23rd to 25.

9, in December 24th this year, the average flow rate decreased by 17% compared with the previous year, the flow rate of decline in this time in previous years was in 2007, respectively, in the year of, 25% in 2006. (compile: Shao Guihu)

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