Daily topic jumei.com listed on the NYSE fake tonight is still the key concerns

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 16th news, jumei.com cosmetic website tonight listed on the NYSE in the U.S., the ticker symbol JMEI, issue price range of $19.5-21.5, this price is calculated, the jumei.com valuation range of 31.2-32.5 billion dollars.

this year will be a good opportunity for the company to continue to do bigger and stronger, mobile and O2O will be the focus." Jumei.com CEO Chen Ou before formally submitted SEC documents, once said. From the earnings data, jumei.com in 2013 before the turnover of 6 billion yuan, of which the mobile terminal sales accounted for more than 49%, re purchase rate has 88.9%, and achieved seven consecutive quarterly profit.

since its inception in March 2010, jumei.com has maintained explosive growth, currently has 7 consecutive quarterly profit. But industry insiders believe that the United States listed jumei.com faces two major problems: first, according to jumei.com’s current strength and volume, the $400 million IPO financing amount is relatively high, the risk of market failure or break increases. Secondly, how to ensure 100% fake jumei.com also need to pay attention to the problem.

jumei.com has been able to set up only in nearly two years after they entered the profitable rail, largely due to the flash sales model, the flash cosmetics boutique shopping site is in the form of attracting a large number of price relatively sensitive enough, but for a very high brand loyalty of users. This is a proven business model in the United States there is a mother and child flash purchase site Zulily, there are vip.com in china.

March 19th, CCTV "economic half-hour" in the exposure of the Amazon dangdang.com selling fake international brands of cosmetics event, which involves two Biotherm cosmetics, Estee Lauder pomegranate moisturizing cream and cream are not genuine, but also revealed a lot of online sales of cosmetics even from the wholesale market. The Internet giant Alibaba (scroll information) had been plagued by fakes. Recently, jumei.com is being bombarded BELLE. BELLE said, jumei.com launched 4 anniversary BELLE shoes spring special in the famous sale channel, as the BELLE brand unique network of sales and distribution channels, and purchase has never had any cooperation with jumei.com, has never been available to jumei.com.

"jumei.com goods should not be false, but may be jump goods that could have somewhere to sell the products are sent to the jumei.com platform. In general, there is damage to jump goods dealers, such as the agency of Guangdong ordered 1 million sets of equipment or products, it does not sell, because the Beijing goods jump over, so the diversion of his market, this situation has occurred, but there is no law that it’s against the law, but also to do the total sales of the manufacturers is the default. But because there are opinions of agents, manufacturers will carry out in words, in fact, should also not really looking for jumei.com to go to court.

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