Tencent WebQQ intends to stop the service did not announce the specific time

news September 30th, Tencent recently login WebQQ users will see a "WebQQ farewell together sometimes never ever meet again" the announcement page. Indicates that the WebQQ is about to stop the service, but did not give the notice page to stop the service specific time, the current WebQQ and SmartQQ can still be used normally.


it is understood, WebQQ officially launched in September 15, 2009, is the Tencent Inc launched QQ services using a web page, there is no need to download and install the QQ software, as long as you can open the WebQQ site you can keep in touch with friends on QQ. With the inherent convenience of Web products, while maintaining the maximum Web client software operating habits. Last September, WebQQ renamed SmartQQ new release, but still retains the original version of WebQQ.

in addition, Tencent "my QQ center" "friends" feature was stopped in July 15, 2014 service. It is reported that the WebQQ is another adjustment after this business.

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