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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 4th news, according to CNBC reports, the virtual currency bitcoin has been controversial in the final again won the favor of investors, in the wave of good news and recognition of the expansion, compared to the price lows in April rose 80%.

bitcoin prices hit a record low of $360 in April, hovering at $450 since April 25th. But from the beginning of May 20th all the way up. Bitcoin news resources network CoinDesk data show that the current bitcoin transaction price has reached $665. The real reason for the rise is difficult to determine, but before the rise of Amsterdam held a 3 day Bitcoin2014 conference, the participants of the virtual currency on the prospects for a positive evaluation of the 2000.

bitcoin investors, bitcoin Jesus, said the Roger Ver pointed out that more and more people have come to realize that bitcoin is a technology that can change the whole world to a large extent.

at this time last year, bitcoin is entering the crazy rise stage. Bitcoin from last April began to surge, and in November last year, a record 1 yuan currency exchange rate of about 7500 yuan. In May 6th this year, fire currency network, bitcoin, OKCoin, BtcTrade and CHBTC Chinese five domestic bitcoin trading platform jointly issued a self declaration, announced in May 10th to stop financing new currency business. The statement said that after the settlement of the financial capital of the currency to stop the leveraged trading business, and will impose a unified fee for high-frequency trading, moderately improve the cost of high-frequency trading, curb excessive speculation.

analysts pointed out that tighter regulation before, China bitcoin trading volume is huge, which led to a certain extent bitcoin transaction prices. And now the policy changes in the wind, as well as the property of the sharp decline in bitcoin, bitcoin is not a good investment targets. Of course, if speculative property, then bitcoin can be considered.

yesterday, according to Bloomberg reported that Apple has changed the policy to allow software developers to incorporate virtual currency transactions into their applications, which is the new currency and other currencies on the iPhone and iPad paved the way. "This is a signal that bitcoin ecosystem is mature, gain trust," bitcoin wallet BitGo investor Bill · (Bill Lee); Li said, "that is, I still think of bitcoin in the early on the technical level, but its acceptance is becoming more mainstream."

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