The era of consumer upgrades entrepreneurs really can not live

after Zhongguancun South Third Street Temporary set up walls, a group of "rush days" builders came to Beijing surrounding section information center is upgraded, busy. Almost at the same time, a "tribute to the days of Ben" internal sharing activities, is the information center into section B block 17 layer staged.

September 20, 2016, the "Lenovo micro space" and "insight" activities, a number of front-line investors and entrepreneurs will speak freely, the new economic model and the upgrading of consumption concept increasingly popular today, our entrepreneurs how to hold "rush days" mentality, to build a business model and corporate strategy and put forward many ideas and practical case of dry cargo, helping entrepreneurs in a talent shows itself in entrepreneurial environment, create more brilliant achievements.

in my impression, Ben day of this idea was first proposed by Lenovo holdings founder Liu Chuanzhi in a share in September 2012. In Liu Chuanzhi’s view, human life has two kinds, one kind is "ran the day", one is "live". Live is a good day at home can be, and the people who run the day there are a lot of risks, perhaps you have motivation, desire, but the lack of ability will be quite bitter. But China is precisely the people who are willing to go up, go up.


in the event, the legend of the star partner Liu Wei to do a mention of the beginning of the sharing of a term "strategic choice", which is actually a "day" concept. When we finished early entrepreneurs financing, recruitment, business model development, product development and so on the basis of the "live" after work, we need to consider the strategy formulation and choice and upgrade of the "rush days" plan.

I am the third party observers, the whole crowd that investors and entrepreneurs face sharing, internal process, transformation of dry cargo experience "ran the day" activities. Just before I interviewed the depth of a few hundred entrepreneurs, a more profound understanding of the current situation facing this group, combined with the day of the event, I also talk about my feelings.

consumer upgrade entrepreneurs can not hold a live mentality to survive

when our people traveled thousands of miles away and only buy a rice cooker can make good Steamed Rice when Chinese manufacturing confidence completely defeated. We can not help but exclaim "where" Chinese good products, the main reason for this phenomenon is our most entrepreneurs with the "live" mentality to live, earn immediate benefits, the user as a one-time consumer view.

and now is the era of consumer upgrades, our users are not a simple consumer, but also a participant in business change. And our entrepreneurs, but also should accept this change, re adjust their thinking, from the supply side reform. That is, from the supply, production side, through the liberation of productive forces, the use of information technology, to abandon the "day"

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