Soft porn – the biggest bubble on the nternet

      sex is terrible, the Ministry of public security to make such a sword, trash principle of our network, protect the safety of our Internet culture, we protect minors. Soft porn is more terrible, if pornography is flawed, soft porn is soft injury, the latter is more difficult to recover.


    last night and light brother talked late into the night, from the Hunan Taiwan wit, told me that the Internet content rating to face several generation of people’s values. I think for a long time, it was in the. Now Chinese riches is very strong desire, in this urges that pornography and other undesirable content so rampant, soft porn is money driven by the interests, to avoid the legal punishment of sex underwear, really go to the public security departments in handcuffs are rare, but as the most soft porn is always the use of the Internet Law is not perfect touch ball. Soft pornography harm the audience is too large, the harm to the Internet culture is much greater than pornography itself.


      it is necessary to hit soft porn, because soft porn gives many people opportunistic, the integrity, honest company and website but cannot survive. Soft porn is a great cause Chinese Internet very competitive state. For example, the same two communities, a soft pornography on the fire, there is no fire; but when the fire does not learn to do soft pornography, the police found him, but they have nothing to do! You said this is the limit? This is a non-technical, non management battle, but the Internet is best fair, this battle is not good.


    soft porn is a source of Internet impetuous and embodiment. Soft porn is pornography wearing bikinis, desire to tease users, but also for the Internet industry base. You good, no point of soft porn you development is not good, it is the Qihoo began to dry, now flow up, so better. Zhou Hongyi took the search industry to bluff, many Qihoo are made of the local web page, you can also say no, on the recommendation of the search is your recommendation? Qihoo became a model for many websites, web site operators head already considered soft porn is a lifesaver, a variety of grass can not long-term down. This is a chronic disease of the Internet, the Internet industry in the development of bastard factors.


      soft porn is the biggest bubble Chinese of the Internet, it’s like a naughty child, sometimes trouble, management is not good, big bad. Soft porn is not only harmful to the Internet, it is caused by the subconscious mind is the most effective for young people. Zhou Hongyi of the Qihoo at the beginning of appearance, believe that Zhou Hongyi certainly not willing to let her daughter go to enjoy. Then. Let’s think about the rest of us, okay?


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