VANCL, like electronic commerce network brand marketing opened a new battlefield

earlier, VANCL announced a high-profile campaign in May, will plan a massive line, outdoor advertising in Beijing area is the first step in the line promotional activities, the next will be put on the subway and other outdoor media. Electronic commerce brand B2C breaking the traditional online marketing, vigorously carry out the line promotion, breaking will burn to death "heavy tamping PPG; it should say it can be described as also advertising bombing, also advertising bombing.

when the large-scale line TV, outdoor and print advertising both for the PPG station to the "light" and "fast" business model innovation at the forefront, but also pushed to PPG at any time to face the risk capital chain rupture and bleed to death. In the end, in addition to being packaged by the media business concept innovation, for PPG, there is nothing, when investors lose confidence in it, when its operating costs can not be controlled, it is necessary to embark on the road of death. If it is a put it, however different marketing ideas take some different means to also can understand, but to "information guide consumption" was named the innovation of marketing mode. Network has entered the advertising e-commerce marketing breaking the road outside, whether the predictions of a new round of battle marketing channels

will be fierce?

look at two brands of outdoor advertising:

(VANCL light box advertising)

(from a friend’s cell phone shooting)

is the same two e-commerce enterprises, also has been the field of marketing innovation of industry recognition, the two companies also buy a large gold advertising portal, this has opened the outdoor advertising and promotion of the road in the same period; the difference is the two companies are selling products, one is the menswear started, made a good performance and reputation of the enterprise; the other one is selling cosmetics, the main push of another C& T gutti brand bags, as well as operation female vertical information portal; VANCL is now in the sign into the department store category, decorate the network still adhere to women related products the development, there are two brands: C& T; gutti bags and Ya indene – cosmeceutical; and now to start a large-scale offline advertising delivery, the author attributed the following reasons:

It is a

, in order to cultivate the brand image, for online shopping users distance, especially through the line promotion, online shopping users capture a non heart; like a marketing master once said: without a television and carry out outdoor advertising brand not brand, I think from the name "net goods brand" the two companies also need to continue to work hard; in order to improve the shape of online shopping brand competition not only in price, logistics, warehousing, online shopping service experience, because these things every B2C enterprises are in continuous investment and improvement, and in the end, the final competition of the company’s brand in the mind of the user occupying ladder;

second, through the online brand promotion, for the future to carry out the next line store business, as well as brand chain authorization to do >

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