Electricity supplier to hold the terms of the king, rogue repeatedly canceled orders

recently, the electricity supplier website unilaterally cancel the order of frequent occurrence, and even lead to a large number of consumer rights events. In addition, the electricity supplier at the price adjustment, "rose after the first drop" has almost become the industry default rules. Many experts said that the electricity supplier website on the terms of the contract for their own benefit, thus playing in the hands of consumers. Even a small number of consumers angrily to electricity supplier to the court, but scanty successful adults.

electricity supplier tactics 1: free price increases after the first drop

in the Jingdong and easy mall, Amazon and other sites, especially in some mobile phone and digital camera, the price adjustment is most frequently, even daily adjustment time, during the holiday sales period, the price fell after the first rise. Samsung Note2 mobile phone (China Unicom dual card version), for example, in the last two months, while up to $5399, while down to $4058. The popular Nikon D600 SLR camera is on the price volatility, and more than 1.2, or about 10 thousand yuan, the user can move slowly.

electricity supplier platform explained: mainly digital mobile phones and other products due to frequent changes in market prices. But in fact, the major electricity supplier platform are licensed to sell, the price will not be the same as the daily fluctuations in smuggled goods more, is a marketing strategy of the platform itself: only continue to raise prices, to make price will stimulate consumers to buy.


IT, legal experts said Zhao Zhanling, in accordance with the "price law" stipulates that the operators to use false or misleading price means to entice consumers or other operators to carry out the transaction, is unfair price behavior. Frequent adjustment of prices, the first rise after the fall of the alleged price fraud, in violation of the provisions of the price law. This behavior is also suspected of false propaganda, by way of creating a low discount after the first rise, the temptation to mislead consumers, the business sector can also be investigated according to law.

electricity supplier gimmick 2: unilateral cancellation of orders

low orders were canceled electricity users criticized the practice of electricity providers. There are media reports, earlier this month, a buyer in the electronic business platform "Yiwu purchase" to "0 yuan" took 3 million pieces, the total value of nearly 10 million yuan of goods, but the order was subsequently Yiwu purchase cancellation. "Yiwu purchase", said some businesses do not fill in seriously, so in terms of price caused misunderstanding.

in the past two years, the electricity supplier website unilaterally cancel the order of frequent occurrence, and even lead to a number of large-scale consumer rights event, has become a high incidence of consumer complaints. Electricity supplier platform is an excuse for the wrong price, 0 yuan, $1 and other ultra-low prices, consumers tend to empty the order after a happy, causing a strong consumer dissatisfaction.

Zhao Zhanling said that if the business can provide sufficient evidence to prove that they do exist errors, belonging to the contract law, a major misunderstanding, you can request revocation of the contract. But we can’t just put forward the request for cancellation because of the low price

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