24 on the nternet can be a single and double Pinyin domain name

Chinese pinyin is magical, can be combined into a plurality of Chinese characters, a Pinyin. However, in these strange Pinyin, a complete pinyin can be split into two independent Pinyin, composed of a plurality of Chinese characters words, this domain name as amphibians in the animal world, you can land and aquatic. At present many of the four letters in the domain there are a lot of "single double", you have found the domain name



diagram: four letters in the can be single and double Pinyin domain name

xiao.com domain name and Larry

part-time spell


you are very hard to imagine! The xiao.com domain has been the establishment of overseas operations, website personality email address service network, xiao.com domain name will be registered as early as 1996, xiao.com is the school, laughing, small, filial piety and single Chinese characters spell, is also Theo, Western Australia combined Larry, Theo is the Lakers basketball team in NBA the Western Auto leaf Chinese name, when the name domain name is also good! Xiao.com domain 15 years ago has been developed until now, others The early bird catches, have risen in the time domain commercial value of these three aspects, but you will feel pity?

bian.com is "change" and "other shore"


Bian is identified, such as edge, variable, Chinese characters single spell, bian.com domain name as a single spell domain name, but that will Chinese characters combination Larry Bian split into Bi an’s pen case, the other side of the bian.com domain name, the original is a good Larry domain! The bian.com domain name registered in 2007, is now the current domain name the company holds, web mail service network, the.Cn/.com.cn/.net domain name has been registered, the domain name will be added to other.Com terminal application domain name suffix.

Ji’an geographic domain name jian.com is also a single spell


Jian is Ji’an, Jian, Ji’an Chinese characters Larry, Ji’an is the city of Ji’an in central Jiangxi Province, the jian.com domain name is a good geographical domain, the Ji’an Municipal People’s government to use the domain name is jian.gov.cn, jian.com is also seen, Jane, construction and other Chinese characters single spell, but unfortunately, jian.com was first foreign commercial website domain name not at home, but still can not be denied, the prefix Jian to domain name enthusiasts attraction, currently contains CN domain name suffix, are registered.

biao.com split single spell Bi Ao origin poetry

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