Micro-blog marketing focus on emotional needs analysis

network marketing everywhere, along with the rapid growth of micro-blog’s power, micro-blog marketing also operating and health. Short, interesting micro-blog usually can be spread rapidly. However, product information is not available, usually because with advertising and direct users to filter out the plot is. In the premise of focusing on the emotional needs of fans, micro-blog marketing promotion effect will be much better. Below, the Wuhan science and technology will come through the analysis of the case.

ad micro-blog seconds delete

micro-blog promotion is to attract the attention of the user, and then the relevant search, resulting in the purchase behavior. In micro-blog, if the product features, such as the use of writing is very clear, such a look and advertising, easy to be ignored directly. The same product, we look at how to appeal to the user through emotional appeal it?

The micro-blog

also cited below for product promotion, but it is not interesting, and come straight to the point, by contrast, show the price advantage. Although the advertising, but still very comfortable looking at



seize the characteristics of user innovation, promotion of hot events

for hot events must be quick to start, if you can not quickly perceive the hot spots, the lack of a keen sense of touch, it will be easy to measure the opportunity. Of course, for the harmonious insurance for business, it is best not to hot events is a sensitive topic, not every sword can go slant successfully.

below this micro-blog is the use of double eleven this hot time, coupled with the concern has been ipad Mini, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of users, and was quickly forwarded.


simple and plain, easy to cause emotional resonance and interaction

does not need rhetoric, also do not need to be literarily, resonate emotionally. Plain language can be more direct expression of emotion, seize the center, easier to share and broadcast.

micro-blog is the most straightforward words, an easy job to do to won many fans forwarding and fully interactive, good publicity to the tourism bureau.


pay attention to the emotional experience of the user, do a lovely micro-blog marketing staff, leaving a good impression in the minds of users, in order to win users. The above is the Wuhan Nuo Huisheng with several points of view are presented, we hope to be able to do micro-blog’s


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