Network marketing seven kinds of drugs can not touch

today to see the Sina News " wife singer Man Wenjun shelter or other drug was sentenced to one year, can not help but " a sigh: now more and more how celebrities do not recognize themselves and society? Whether famous or ordinary people, once violated the bottom line of the law, as well as to escape punishment. Out mixed, always want to return.

now has more than 3 million of the number Chinese website, network marketing has become something of these sites have to face, many network marketing people are looking like hunger and thirst to network marketing methods and means. In fact, in the process of network marketing, there are a lot of quick network marketing means as "drugs", also can’t touch. Once, it is difficult to extricate themselves, no longer interested in conventional network marketing, and ultimately a sieve.

first: search engine cheat. As we all know, the search engine is the world’s largest source of traffic. More and more webmasters began to focus on search engine optimization, hoping to bring more traffic from the search engine. As the saying goes, too far, the optimization becomes excessive search engine spam (SPAM). Search engine cheating can be a short time for the website keywords bring good rankings, but it is a flash in the pan, soon the whole site will be punished by the search engine. Light is reduced included, weight reduction, weight is cleared of all search results. The definition of different search engines to search engine cheating is similar, the webmaster to strengthen learning, to avoid cheating site appears.

second: spam marketing. E-mail marketing is a traditional and effective marketing tool. Regular email marketing requires the establishment of a list of licensed emails, regular mail or e-mail messages to a licensed user email. However, the software can be seen everywhere on the market and the collection of e-mail addresses, it is not a license to carry out marketing, but to send spam messages. Although the spam marketing can bring some traffic to the website for a short time, but in the long run, its side effects are far greater than the. Spam marketing on the site brand / reputation has a certain degree of damage, and even the domain name /IP address will be shielded by anti spam agencies, thereby affecting the sustainable development of the site.

third: pop advertising. Often see selling pop ads on the network. Pop ads "fair price, volume is full, the blind pursuit of visits by some of the owners welcome. However, the purchase of advertising is entirely pop webmasters entertain an act. Customers generate pop website, mostly download / entertainment website, website popups flying all over the sky. Although the visitors pop ads, but most will not produce any browser, but directly shut down. POP advertising to bring traffic to not have any value, but to make the site high bounce rate, low access depth. In addition, the window flow short time will impact even website load, impact on the normal site visit, there is a benefit without harm.

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