QQ music, cool dog cool, just announced together.

July 15th news, Tencent today announced the official news, announced that it has reached a consensus with the Chinese music group, the two sides will merge the digital music business. Recently, the network spread "QQ music and cool dog cool," will be merged, and this news today was officially confirmed.  

According to Tencent

issued a news release said, this transaction, the Tencent will merge with CMC’s QQ music business, through the replacement of assets equity has become the major shareholder of the new group. The CMC joint CEO Xie Zhenyu, Xie Guomin will serve as co president of the new group, Tencent, vice president of as CEO.

According to

, Xie Zhenyu was founded in 2003, is a cool dog company, three brands in the first set foot in the online music industry, then cool, also on the line in August 2005, famous products are "cool music box". Ten years later, in 2015, the two companies merged. QQ music is also on the line in 2005, its main products are QQ music and national karaoke, recently has been attempted in the field of music pay.

dark horse brother, cool dog, cool is the leading products of the PC music player of the era, in order to grab traffic for the first priority to the rapid development of Internet era. But ten years later, with the trend of music pay more and more obvious, the copyright of knowledge has been paid attention to, the major companies have begun to pay attention to the layout of the music business, more than ten years, the industry does not make money, or will usher in a change in the status quo. The industry also believes that the exploration of music pay mode or will be diversified, such as live concerts, shows, copyright authorization, advertising, game linkage etc..


investigation has found that the current field of music social ranking NetEase cloud music, QQ music, small shrimp music, cool dog music etc. on the company (in alphabetical order), the cool dog music into the QQ, the BAT will undoubtedly make changes in the field of online music contest on the situation. How the future, dark brother will wait and see.

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