Daily is still hot topic frequent financing capital inflows will accelerate the reshuffle of online

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) on April 8th news, recently announced the monkey bank announced the D round of financing 60 million yuan, together with the operating network announced the acquisition of D round of financing $one hundred million, who learn to announce the acquisition of $A round of financing. See these financing, online education this piece of Red Sea and lively up again!

Since the popularity of the Internet, online education has tried a lot, but the experience is not good, has never been able to get a par with the traditional line of education in

. According to the real fund founder Xu Xiaoping said, "the 2013 man suddenly see online education of such a thing, after entering in 2014, the Yale University, Harvard University, former president of the university has served as online Coursera CEO and director of online education has been recognized, mature.

industry insiders pointed out that 2015 is a key year of comprehensive deepening of education reform, a number of heavyweight policy will be introduced, which will continue to stimulate the education industry related fields. In particular, online education, with the acceleration of educational information, will enter a period of rapid growth.

for the time being, although the market is very lively, but the user is still at a low level. The majority of online products around the level of tens of millions of millions of users, scanty magnitude, which compared with other Internet products, is still at a low level, far into the "security scale", takes a big step run, capital support, the market is the best catalyst.

for the online education industry, many companies at present are not much profit, the key lies in the accumulation of users, enhance their market share, the company for some of the larger terms is not what problem; but some of the hematopoietic function itself is not small companies, if the subsequent lack of funding estimates one or two years even survival are difficult to maintain.

Online education company

C even more and more into the round D round of financing, competition from the original technology, products and teams, up to the brand, reputation and market, full competition, who can effectively complete the user resources and even exclusive, who can have the last laugh. The first wave of online education on behalf of: tool form (APE question bank), the relationship between the form (together with the operation) and the content of the form (wisdom class network) product prototype has become the channel shape of the product or become the next stage of the outbreak.

investment and financing analysts pointed out that the high-profile venture capital settled, promoting the online education into the second stage, the capital began to lock quasi oligopoly under the re injection. Online education has been a highly fragmented market, there Internet plus to the online education industry a nurturing possibility of oligopoly. So capital began to look for a number of possible monopoly in a certain area of the quasi oligopoly".

in the "Internet plus" era, any industry through the Internet has introduced a new variable, online education in the new situation, full of imagination; at the same time, 2015 will be.

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