Daily topic Suning temporary suspension today or announced an agreement with PPTV

station network (www.admin5.com) news October 28th, Su ningyun today suspended plans to disclose material matters. Suning has long been the case of the acquisition of PPTV has been finalized, Suning today announced that it may be this transaction, the acquisition amount may be around $400 million.

, however, the news has not been officially confirmed Suning and PPTV. From the beginning of the first half of this year, the video industry launched the integration, PPTV caught bondage "scandal. The founder of PPTV Tao Chuang said in an interview, if there is a good chance, will not rule out the possibility of capital and strategic cooperation with other companies, there are many are in talks, but still hope PPTV will develop independently.

this year, online video industry consolidation intensifies, the market also have tight cash flow and the PPTV message may be acquired. According to the Sohu, Alibaba have video contact with PPTV, the last two months, Suning is in close contact with PPTV. PPTV has received huge investment in Softbank 250 million dollars, which accounts for about 35% of the shares of PPTV. At that time, PPTV’s valuation of more than $700 million.

Suning group from the beginning of this year, the transformation of the Internet, and through the acquisition of red children to accelerate the transformation of their own line of business electricity supplier. Although the video business and Su Ning main industry seems to be very low synergies, but industry analysts believe that video shopping may be one of the future direction. In addition, the video is still the biggest content of digital consumption in the future. Therefore, Suning acquisition PPTV may be paving the way for the future of video shopping and digital consumption, which is why the same electricity supplier as the main industry of Alibaba appeared in the case of PPTV acquisition.

also said the media, Suning investment in the audio-visual entertainment industry is not much, so the most likely way of cooperation, is the financing and even full holdings, but will not intervene in the daily operation of PPTV. But whether it is financing / holding or actively involved in the operation, the lack of large-scale video site operating experience Suning can trouble continue to burn after the cool 6 grand acquisition. In this sense, Suning may not be the big winner. Of course, since the establishment of the Bank of South of Jiangsu, burn for Su Ning is perhaps not the problem. PPTV is the big winner in the vortex of events. A near gold master to get the money, you can continue to play together with copyright two boxes and TV stick PPTV can safely continue to do hardware, do more — maybe delivered a TV in the industrial chain, to Suning to sell. Of course, under the wing of Suning, engage in a separate listing is not impossible.

there is no doubt that if successful mergers and acquisitions, PPTV Ali or Suning will bring huge traffic and user groups, which in particular will bring a lot of help suning. In addition, PPTV video applications such as three or four lines of the city has a strong user base and user stickiness, which is gradually infiltrated with the electricity supplier to the city’s strategy is complementary.


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