March domestic operating system Market Windows 7 share approaching 30%

IDC on the network ( reported on April 3rd: the latest data released from CNZZ can be learned, in 2014 March, the domestic operating system market is still dominated by Windows, the share of 90.27%, unexpectedly has not stopped falling below 90%, but long time trend, rose 0.17%. Next, look at the detailed data analysis of the IDC review network.


(Figure 1) 2014

operating system market share in

according to figure 1, in March, Windows domineering, the share accounted for 90.27% in the domestic operating system market in the last month, up 0.17%, a long time stop falling. And ranked second in the Android, last month, also rose by 0.07%, is now the share of $7.67%. To sum up the data, we can see that Windows teamed up with Android, continue to erode the rest of the operating system to add up the share of the country, now nearly 2%.


(Figure 2) domestic Windows operating system market share comparison

as shown in Figure 2, the domestic market share of Windows XP continued to decline, has dropped to 57.17%. In the data, we can find that the main culprit is Windows 7, its share increased from 27.34% last month to 29.68%, will soon break the 30%. With the retirement of Windows XP in April, Windows 7 market share is expected to change next month.

In addition, Windows Vista and Windows 2000 of the shares are dramatically without any lift, respectively, accounted for 0.39%, 0.02%, respectively,

. The Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and have a slight rise in the Windows.

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