The .Com domain name.Cn minon regain favor thrown rob.Com domain name

since last week, China crackdown on Internet pornography and strengthen the supervision of network domain name registration.

short-term policy adjustments to invest in the domain name space is still large

network investment

recently, the domain of investment as a result of policy adjustments caused a great disturbance, many rice farmers are worried (domain name investors), ".Cn" domain name will rise or fall next year? Is the selling price or future investment should wait for the right price to sell? ".com" domain name is ".Cn" domain name


, the reporter interviewed a number of professionals, most of them believe that in the short term, personal domain name investors will suffer some adverse effects, but the future of the domain name market potential is still great, investors want to share not to take a longer view.


link: at least 300 thousand "rice farming"


domain name on the Internet, because homophonic dubbed the "corn", while the domain name investors will become "rice farming". According to statistics, at present the country there are at least 300 thousand "rice farming". In March 2007, only spend 1 yuan can register.Cn domain name, so attracted a lot of people to stir up the domain name, and even some professional investors suddenly registered thousands of.Cn domain name. .cn domain name registration to the end of the year has become the world’s first national top-level domain name.

: market sale sale ".Cn" registered ".Com"

since last week, China crackdown on Internet pornography and strengthen the network domain name registration industry supervision, especially the ".Cn" of domestic domain name registration policy tightening, the large number of individual users away.

a lot of domain name investors exclaimed: "in the future, and then rely on speculation domain name to make money, it is not so convenient!", "can not only buy a bottle of drink money to register a domain name!"


rice farmers who fears not only from the new registered domain name, domain name registration after a large number of individual holding in their hands, the relevant agencies may have been sorted out, which makes the rice farmers start sale domain, for fear of a registered domain name is hit in the hands.

has a lot of domain name investors, look back to the ".Com" exit the domain name to obtain benefits and avoid risks. Data show that in recent weeks,.Cn domain name registration volume decreased significantly, while the number of.Com domain name registration from China surged 10 times.

impact: domain name investment value will increase by

Some domain name investors

reporter contact are very worried about is: those who have gone through the personal identity registered ".Cn" domain is also normal trading, even the normal renewal? Think some of the domain name registration organization, although the domain name market in the future there will be some changes, but still very good prospects.

first, domain name registration costs will increase. Insiders believe that the new regulations can not be registered.Cn domain name, which may lead to the emergence of domain name

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