Yelp announced a reduction in the size of the group to buy half of the sales staff were cut

Beijing on August 30th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. retail review site Yelp said on Monday, because consumers have to get the overwhelming network group purchase service the company will cut set up at a loss, for a year the network group purchase business.

Yelp speak humanities · (Sollitto) said that from the beginning of next month, Yelp will reduce the number of sales of the company’s group buying service Yelp Deals staff halved. About 15 sales staff will be sent to the company’s other business units, and the number of messages received by users will not increase the number of mail. Soeli said, "we will not lead to the decline in the quality of services to provide more services for group purchase consumers are convinced that, we hope, we only provide quality services. Although we believe that buy business model is still very good, but it has not been our core business."

before Yelp, Facebook announced last week, after 4 months of testing, will stop the operation of group buying service Facebook Deals. Facebook in April 25th in five cities in the United States began testing buy service Facebook Deals, and Groupon and LivingSocial to compete. Facebook said in a statement, after 4 months of testing for Facebook Deals, decided to close the Facebook Deals service in the next few weeks. We believe that there are many different ways to buy local businesses. We have learned a lot from this test, and we will continue to evaluate how best to serve local businesses."

Market research company

Yipit said that in July this year, North America 38 group purchase website closed, more than 36 of the newly opened group purchase website. In addition, in July this year, the North American network group buying market revenue fell 7%. Market research firm Opus Research analyst Greg · (Stryn Sterling), said Facebook Greg network to buy the market may be because the market is too fierce competition.


Stryn said, the network has been too fierce competition to buy the market. Every day, the user’s e-mail received too many e-mail, and there are too many sales staff and business contacts. The market has become too noisy, making it difficult for businesses and consumers to make the right choice."

Yelp launched last August called "Yelp Deals" group purchase service in San Diego, and the group purchase service extended to 20 city in this year. In June this year, Yelp to buy services integrated into their own iPhone and Android applications.

Yelp was founded in 2004>

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