China nternet 20 years of happy and sad


this year is the Chinese Internet 20 years, it is time to write something for her. From the beginning of the Internet in 2003, I became a faithful believer in the internet. "The market economy + Internet will change the Internet Chinese hitherto unknown! Is a kind of technology, is a kind of thought, a kind of ecology and its significance for China economic and social change, to many years later can be fully understood.

China now, the Internet has grown into the world’s second largest market after the United States, the mobile Internet development even more than the United States, but also the birth of BAT (Baidu Alibaba Tencent) as a world-class Internet Co.

with the development of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, it really began to subvert the traditional industry one by one: from the media, entertainment, retail to manufacturing, education, finance. At the same time, the traditional enterprise Internet anxiety disorder is unprecedented serious. They are busy listening to all kinds of application like hunger and thirst to the training course. Of course, the most knowledgeable industry bosses are busy earning money. Even if you know the future trend, will not tell you, otherwise how to continue to maintain the advantage?

did so long the Internet was a guest from the media. This is not afraid of shallow, review the past 20 keywords, comb, looking forward to the future (Note: This is an upper part, first sort out 10 words).

1, wall

true sense of the Chinese Internet industry was born in 1994, but e-mail to appear earlier. Beijing time at 20:55 on September 20, 1987, the Chinese Academy of ordnance industry computer application successfully sent China’s first e-mail, which marks China and the international computer network has been successfully connected. The content of this message is: Across the Wall we reach every corner in the world can. (over the Great Wall, to the world)". Now it looks like it’s ironic.

, the world’s largest and fastest growing Internet world, is the world’s second largest economy, China is the world’s giants must compete for the market. However, in this land, foreign Internet giants are all born in the famous Steefan Kors The climate does not suit one., "foreign China Internet curse of mystery". To be honest, they are related to the local executive power, but also related to the "wall".

in the portal Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook social business failures before the exception is because as everyone knows the reasons from the Chinese Google—- in the world of the Internet for ten years and will continue to dominate the throne for the next ten years the phenomenon of companies. That year, Google’s market share was close to 40%, once the situation will break through the reversal of 50%. Can only admire the values of others is not to say

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