No one is willing to Baidu fortune telling

      there are rumors that Baidu will be IM, even the names are good, called Baidu voice; there is good online PS a Baidu voice interface, one is too fake. Baidu IM is a big deal, Hong Bo said earlier, Baidu real rival Tencent? Tencent forte is not IM? If Baidu IM, it does not mean that the war and Tencent? In the second phase of the grand consultation organized by the Longmen IT, we discuss very warm, but no one can say with certainty that Baidu will not be IM.


      Baidu may be IM? Of course it is possible.

      Baidu is China Google, Google Gtalk, Baidu what not to do IM.

      Baidu space has a friend system, Baidu for IM but the web version of the client into a client.

      Baidu’s IM is likely to become the Baidu customer portal version of the client.

      Baidu strong technical force, do not have too much difficulty IM.

      Baidu needs to increase user stickiness, IM can do.

      Baidu’s IM will be as simple as Baidu’s page, and the function is very simple.


      Baidu may be IM? Certainly not possible in the near future.

      Robin Li said, Baidu to focus on, Baidu will focus on all IM related products. IM and search related?

      IM MSN TM, a high-end, low-end Tencent QQ, UC bubble, Wang Zhidong said China has hundreds of IM, there are many things you can do Baidu search, such as Baidu input method, vertical search and so on, Baidu did not need to squeeze IM fluttering in the red sea.

      Baidu lacks the kind of culture and habits of IM, user habits vary too much.

      author’s viewpoint:

      I also don’t want to Baidu fortune telling.


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