Because of the nternet connection on the European industry the most beautiful quanmei entrepreneurs

weather in September 11, 2015, Wuhan is rare since autumn cool, not hot sun baked, no dryness heat enveloped people, the person’s mood are very good. In such a pleasant day, Wuhan ou quanmei industry science and technology limited company ushered in coming from Anhui, dressed in exquisite, delicate makeup occupation woman Ms. Zhou and her beautiful young assistant Ms. Tang 90.

walked into the interview room, Ms. Zhou is the same brand investment consultants to explain yourself for an idea of beauty salons store decoration design, from the door to the customer to create a feeling, to elaborate the beauty salon, and unique product display wall layout, every detail is not only considered to moreover, logical hierarchy. Ms. Zhou from the coherent expression, we can see the wisdom and ability of zhou.

quick witted Ms. Zhou not only in the beauty salon decoration good ideas, but also for the "beauty" and "beauty" is very insightful. For their own aesthetic judgment, Ms. Zhou confident. She knows how to make-up can make women look more elegant and more beautiful, with Ms. Zhou’s words, "a lot of people to get things all know, but there is exquisite makeup, makeup to rely on professional learning". So Ms. Zhou in the same industry in Europe’s Esther quanmei depot after the successful signing, and their employees will receive professional training together. Ms. Zhou not only on their own dress requirements are relatively high, the same strict requirements of her staff, Ms. Zhou said he brought out the staff must be able to give their own long face, but also the best.

Zhou’s store in the decoration, the personnel training work, Ms. Zhou plans in the beauty salon opened before will beautician training together. Ms. Zhou is very willing to staff training, not only willing to invest for them, but also willing to spend their energy. "For all the people do a cavity blood," Ms. Zhou, fully standing in the perspective of employees for their consideration, can have such a visionary for the sake of the staff of the boss, employees will naturally want to follow her.

do not understand the situation will certainly think that Ms. Zhou is a beauty salon management experience for many years, Zhou’s response to this is modest to say that they are a zero basis, what do not understand. We believe that, even if Ms. Zhou does not have what experience, a single with her share of things serious strength and vigour, Ms. Zhou engaged in what the industry can do a good job.


Zhou is through the network know the European industry in the process of quanmei, communicate with the investment adviser, talked very congenial. "The European industry quanmei gave me the feeling is that I have a customer feeling", and "the feeling is very rare," Ms. Zhou said he has been looking for this kind of feeling, and meet her all the expectations and requirements of the European industry "so I quanmei, willing to cooperate with it is week Ms. ou quanmei industry great affirmation. Ms. Zhou to-oh quanmei Nariai.

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