With the times of the laggards Dong Qinfeng talk about 2009 annual meeting

May 17th, Beijing the Great Wall hotel. Master the long-awaited 2009 fourth years Chinese Internet webmaster will soon begin, this is also Comsenz (Comsenz) and laggards (im286.com) jointly organized the eight anniversary celebration event webmaster. The fourth station will be the growth in the end "as the theme, a profound discussion on bainianweiyu crisis, China Internet webmaster how to use industry resources, steadily reserves and rapid development, to find the sources of growth and will truly become a topic of concern will.


is one of the most popular domestic history of the most popular webmaster community. The laggards founder Dong Qinfeng (net to swimming fish) pointed out that "all pay are rewarded in the growth process, in 2009 there are more people to pay attention to the laggards, concerned about the Internet webmaster, as one of the party sponsor activities to see more webmaster friends website developed very happy. In the process of growth, he believes that the majority of owners not necessarily consider earnings or more things, such as the laggard growth is not just eight week attention, events like Xiao Tongyao also received numerous lagger stationmaster brothers and sisters support, this is just another form of positive growth.

Dong Qinfeng said, we have some suggestions also hope to be able to share with the more behind the webmaster exchanges. As long as we continue to move forward along the ideal road, as long as the webmaster friends have their own wishes, hopes, will be able to find a breakthrough in the rapid growth of the site. In 2009 the Internet industry scenery alone is good, Chinese Internet industry usher in a more diversified competition situation, in addition to the traditional portals, search engines and online games, social networks (SNS) and open platform in gradually leading the innovation trend of social networking. Internet users are more frequently through the Internet to expand the interaction between people, and SNS and social games and other new opportunities for the Internet are approaching the majority of webmaster friends. Still has good development and achievements in Chinese Internet industry has a huge user base, has become a banner China economic show spring.

compared with the current fight on the Internet webmaster group, laggard development and growth of such a site is really not what too much can be said that, sooner or later will pay off, the reward is to get everyone’s support and their own growth. Remember, April 19, 2008, Comsenz innovative launched UCenter Home software. Behind the webmaster Club (im286.net) took the lead to build a group of SNS for the owners, and thus led to a large number of grassroots cohesion strength of the rapid rise in the domestic SNS, triggering a wave of popularity of the domestic SNS. According to Comsenz statistical data show that the current application of UCenter Home’s website has exceeded 13, SNS has already become a net.

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