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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 3rd news, in March this year, Tencent and Jingdong jointly announced that Tencent stake in Jingdong became an important shareholder. Tencent under the cooperation agreement to pay $214 million in cash, and the QQ online shopping, pat the electricity supplier and logistics sector into Jingdong. And now as one of the contents of the QQ online shopping has also been renamed Jingdong online shopping, Jingdong has become one of its products.

click Jingdong online shopping home channel and part of the commodity category jump to Jingdong mall, some of the goods will jump to pat network. But there are still some cosmetics and other commodities remain in the original QQ online shopping page. Pat Network relevant responsible person said, in the course of the QQ online shopping Jingdong, welcome businesses settled Jingdong POP platform or pat platform. But what exactly is the future development of online shopping Jingdong, the company did not disclose.

pat a network of internal staff said that the future of online shopping will continue to develop as an independent platform, and will not be closed. For Jingdong online shopping platform to consider cooperation with the existing platform Jingdong, Jingdong to encourage and support the original QQ online shopping platform to move to the mall Jingdong and pat network. Because the QQ online shopping and pat Network originally belong to the Tencent’s background, the similar structure, Jingdong and even move a key feature introduced in terms of technology, but not mandatory relocation, so still have to stay in the online shopping platform for businesses to choose the form of the original QQ online shopping. In addition, Jingdong said that in order to better complete the integration of Jingdong and Tencent electricity supplier, will move from the QQ online shopping platform for businesses to give preferential policies on costs and resources.

fast and easy integration with Jingdong, pat Network independence, QQ online shopping and Jingdong integration, Tencent electricity supplier brand has slowly fade out. The Jingdong in the WeChat platform, the opening of the shopping, traffic has become an increase in the entrance, all of this for Jingdong to fight against Ali to create more conditions!

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