n 2014, Tmall want to play Can you play

as one of the main assets of listed Alibaba Tmall, this year’s strategic direction is not only related to the valuation of the entire group listed, but also affect the performance of Ali’s future in the capital market. Especially in the Jingdong, jumei.com started listing on the occasion, Tmall is facing challenges in the field of vertical is extremely arduous.

April 15th, Tmall released the 2014 strategy, Tmall President Wang Yulei disclosed to the outside world for the first time in the new Tmall play. Remove public relations whitewash, let us look at the current volume of the largest domestic B2C electricity supplier how to play this year.

general, five 2014: Tmall keyword strategy brand fashion, membership value, industry vertical, wireless personalized service hierarchy, referred to as the "Five" strategy.

a, brand fashion

this keyword, I personally think it is empty, but the intention behind obviously. Whether it is the price of enchanting vip.com, or is about to board the NASDAQ Jingdong, the electricity supplier in the consumer psychology will never erase the "inventory liquidation experts name, especially in certain areas, such as clothing. For Tmall, is the first big, technology giant, fashion brand to brand endorsement as a platform, but as a B2C big brother want to break the market share is not sure how to do more, but how will the platform to a new height. This is not a high degree of market share as a standard, but for example, fashion trends, such as brand quality keywords, which is more like a spiritual civilization than the material requirements of civilization.

Whether it is Tmall

proposed "brand new" (to all kinds of new starting), "a brand", or "the fashion", the intention behind it is to change the need to break the place now. In other words, these are Tmall to Alibaba, to investors, the imagination of the industry as a whole.

Wang Yulei is very straightforward to express the aspirations of Tmall, we can accept a certain, short-term sales pressure, but this year, Tmall must go to the first tier cities to take a step further. I hope you can say to the people around, Tmall really fashionable."

two, industry vertical

this is very real, very hard. Because in almost every vertical field, Tmall has potential rivals, and gradually grow.

in the field of 3C, Tmall has such a strong opponent of Jingdong, in particular, the other side has started IPO, brands and funds have been a certain degree of support. If Tmall in the field of 3C beyond the Jingdong, is undoubtedly a fatal blow to each other, but also to Tmall and the whole Ali did a good support. Zhang Jun, head of Tmall Electric City, said the city this year to do three things, one is to build a new platform. Two is a good price, through the optimization of the supply chain to optimize the design, manufacturing, logistics and marketing in all aspects of the Internet thinking optimization. Three is a good service, which is actually the motivation to invest in the day, everyone’s service

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