From 520 to see the electricity supplier Festival many people do not exclude

yesterday was May 20th, an ordinary day, becoming another sought after electricity supplier festival. Whether it is a circle of friends in the sweet confession, or selling a variety of small gifts, shows that many people do not reject this new artificial festival.

than the marketing results, it is worth mentioning that the 520 behind the electricity supplier making logic. From this festival can be found, electricity providers have become increasingly adept at looking at the consumption point from the seemingly ordinary day. If businesses are sensitive, so from May 20th this year, reflecting the business more sensitive than in many shops, around the "520" marketing activities, most of the electricity supplier, store the figure of some liaoluo.

a lot of people to explore why electricity providers are more popular than the reasons for the shop. In fact, in addition to consumer habits, electricity supplier efforts are also very important. Compared to the store, the electricity supplier is not willing to miss even a little bit of marketing opportunities, as long as some opportunities, will "Big deal". So, no matter what kind of artificial Festival, in the efforts of the electricity supplier, more or less driven consumption. All said "the opportunity only favors the prepared mind", then the consumer is "520" to pay, is undoubtedly on the electricity supplier’s efforts.

frankly, not all man-made festivals are commendable, including 6·, 18, double eleven and other electricity supplier artificial festivals, are the lack of appropriate cultural heritage, is a commercial gimmick. But the electricity and not because of criticism will stop making Festival pace, but Yuecuoyueyong, go ahead. As the brand with a large number of ads to deepen the impact of consumers, electricity providers also repeated by repeated rendering, gradually allow the outside world to accept these artificial festivals, and achieved good marketing results.

can not be ignored is that the electricity supplier to the artificial festival marketing is also in progress. Look around "520" are part of the electricity supplier of the product or service: from around the world and sweet ice cream spread their own sourcing resources Tmall; the way tiger car network, Zhong An insurance, a new focus car service three jointly launched the "tire risks", declaring that "love on the road"; Jiayuan, Lily network dating the site, is to seize the "520", to encourage lovers bold confession…… The festival is not only a man-made marketing, but a variety of creative competition. For these good ideas, it is difficult to say "no"".

, by contrast, some shops in the business, lack of toughness, although there are a lot of marketing ideas, or just leave, or give up halfway, really willing to spend years cultivating a holiday, not much. In fact, from the electricity supplier artificial Festival year after year fire can be seen, if other businesses also want to build their own holiday, as long as willing to adhere to, the opportunity is not small. At present, the retail sector Chong Ren Wen did not fire, the market needs more businesses have the commercial electricity supplier sensitive and "Big deal" of the spirit, to stimulate consumption, stimulating domestic demand. Chong Ren

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