V5shop shock launched a free version of the upcoming version of the open source

recently, Shanghai Weibo network technology limited company official website officially released a free version of the software V5shop (http://s.V5shop.com.Cn). That release not only confirmed the Internet for a period of time before a V5shop is free and not false rumors, also marks another shop system provider giants to join the ranks of the free, network operators are in the framework of free and independent shop free online shopping mall, there will be even more choice. For the majority of small shop system provider, which may mean a new industry reshuffle.

reporters from the company’s website was informed that although the new version of V5shop is free to use, but it can provide integrated solutions for the majority of network operators, in the functional design using a modular self combination form, including CRM program integration, Union Commission system, distribution system, promotion system, a total of 24 functions, the user can select the single function module according to the specific needs of the erection of the shop download and install and use.

"V5shop free version of the launch is not a whim, but make the inevitable choice in the market after the time is ripe, but also conforms to the fundamental purpose of the operation of the company, rather than speculation to free and open source as a baby to snatch customers." The person in charge of Shanghai Weibo network technology limited company to the shopping information network said, "founded in 6 years, we continue to innovation, continuous research, to provide independent e-commerce platform with powerful function and easy operation for the net friend, and continue to exceed market demand and become one of the most trusted brand online shop software, customers the number has a geometric growth. But in the information exchange process and users for years, we also found that the concept of electronic commerce network has been more and more mature, not only needs single function of the software, they will have some personal needs in the business, a web style design, more of a function. This is on the market and the existing shop system provider development view is inconsistent, as providers, certainly hope that all software can solve the problem of the network is to have."

according to the new requirements, although V5shop has been in the development of wider applicability, a higher degree of freedom, but in the rapid development of the Internet industry is not a "universal software framework", how to build a solid, so that different network operators actively involved, with more than 10 business groups of wisdom, by a simple modification to achieve personalized function, has become a long time V5SHOP platform design.

If the

and other software to solve the personalized needs of users through the use of open source V5SHOP, we must take into account the open source software BUG, based at least to more stable, how code restructuring, how to break the.Net cache and speed, how to make the virtual main engine more stable and flexible, whether by hackers study on the source code to find loopholes in the attack……


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