Women spend money hosting shop was hosted fraud

Ms. Yan

do jewelry factory in Yiwu, and these days very depressed.

originally thought spent 6800 yuan hosting fee, she can leave the computer screen, concentrate on helping her husband take care of the processing plant.

however, a few days ago, cooperation this home appliance service company is empty, the boss’s phone has been in a shutdown state.

shop to a professional company hosting, six months after the company disbanded, the boss off

Ms. Yan Anhui, she and her husband have been working hard in Yiwu for seven or eight years. 4 years ago, after mastering technology, the couple live on their own, do a jewelry factory.

in addition to business processing, the year before last August, Ms. Yan also registered e-commerce company, Alibaba management in her shop responsible for the orders, procurement of raw materials and then sent to the husband "processing field".

day was booming, can be a long time, Ms. Yan found that because of their lack of professional knowledge, online wholesale business encountered a bottleneck.

at the beginning of last September, claiming a specifically for business users and processing factory to provide integrity through managed services company to find the door.

salesman surnamed Meng, specially came to the country in the factory, and Ms. Yan talked about wholesale shop operators. He said that many such processing plants and market operators, with their companies, the effect is very good.

Meng to Ms. Yan feel very sincere.

want to be professional, certainly better than yourself." Ms. Yan heart, last September 15th, she signed a contract with the Yiwu Jiecheng Information Technology Co. Ltd., on the choice of the annual fee of 6800 yuan of business cooperation, the main content including new product photography, website image update, keyword search ranking the first three pages of ali.

The first month of

cooperation, the clerk is responsible for every few days to the factory to take samples, back to shoot, update, this let Ms. Yan a lot easier, can help her husband to share other business. However, good times don’t last long. Second months, the number of sales to less, to third months almost did not see the figure, such as Ms. Yan has noticed the approaching spring festival.

March 1st, the couple came back from their home to start, but the company is hosting a professional shop but there is no movement, this time is the peak season, there should be a list of."

a few days later, Ms. Yan could not bear, to Yiwu Jiecheng Information Technology Co. Ltd. the phone. Customer service, said the phone, all employees are trained in Hangzhou for a week, the company now no one. However, in March 10th, Ms. Yan once again call, the staff reply, the company has dissolved, can not contact the owner.

and Ms. Yan immediately before the clerk Meng, but found that Xiao Meng had left.

According to Meng

for the phone, Ms. Yan tried to contact the boss Zhao.

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