Du Zijian! What do you mean by that!

some time ago micro-blog marketing Godfather Du Zijian released relentless: a content editor than one hundred sales representatives. It can be believed? Because Du Zijian always put relentless, this sentence can be reservations. However, taking into account the Du Zijian really pretty cattle, not only through the legendary, personal achievement is also very rare, we have to reflect on this sentence.

a content editor than one hundred sales representatives, want to express is that content is king marketing era. No content is not marketing, in fact, this sentence is also applicable to the traditional marketing, but the popularity of the Internet to push the tide of this one.

some people often lament that bad things happen every year, especially this year. Who knows how bad a year more than a year, endless, Never will there be days of peace.’s no way to live, and live more and more backward, on the wane, evaporation of happiness, the world is crazy. In fact, you have been deceived by the world. Or rather, you are deceived by the internet. You live so badly, because the world we live in is transparent.

Internet has brought about a revolution in information, the depth, breadth and speed of information dissemination has reached an unprecedented level. Men’s feelings are changeable., big and small, natural calamities and man-made misfortunes happened in the world, as long as the injection point, can be crazy people dig out on the Internet media.

while people enjoy the vast amount of free information at the same time, did not realize the potential impact of information transparency to us, resulting in some bad illusion. For example, medical advertising has increased, that is the level of health reduces exposure; lawlessness much, thought the bad news of natural disasters has increased; more, it thought that the earth was about to explode.

In fact,

has not increased, only you know too much. In the information block, in a small village silly don’t know nothing can also cross flavorfully, happiness. Now let the Internet access to information has greatly increased, the size of a variety of things, good bad you hit your head (sometimes hide away, such as a variety of news, pop-up window) but you feel dizzy, crazy, depressed.

why can’t people be happier? Negative information can be circulated on the Internet, positive information can also be ah, the world can not only bad things do not happen good ah?

how to explain this? Anyway, I usually see the news, more than the sad side, may be related to personal psychology. In addition, the sad news is more likely to touch the hearts of people, the influence will be slightly more lasting than the happy message. This is related to the nature of a person. When someone tells you that there is a bad news and a good news, you have been swept away by the bad news.

we are in such an era of information transparency. In the context of this business environment, everyone has

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