Tmall high de O2O double eleven just started

Ali to invest in High German data for their own data added in the map data, which is a very important gold dimension. Now, in 2013 the "double 11" has entered the countdown, this is the first in the mobile warfare group Ali, which play the most important mission of the O2O is the High German, Tmall open online and offline consumer scenarios, assistance to rely on high german.

for example, this time to participate in the national Tmall double eleven line stores have more than 30 thousand, including intime, UNIQLO, GAP, IT, toysrus, Taiwan glasses, intime, Ordos, hisap more than and 300 brands and department will be fully to double eleven "close". The "A De" in the form of cooperation, is the opening of these businesses and logistics data, High German launch double eleven area in their own APP, users can "shop around" near real-time query search in ten brands and businesses position activities, go to the next line of business to receive preferential discount.

High German cooperation with Ali to which step?

In fact,

cooperation with Tmall double eleven is not high German first wading service life, early in June this year, the High German map in the new version on the access of many third party partner resources, mainly including various catering and taxi type APP. However, because of the polymerization services are doing so, so that the media did not feel this matter is particularly important. But careful users may notice that when the new slogan has become a high German upgrade one-stop life and travel services, since it is a one-stop life and travel services, shopping, including the.

then back in High German High German cooperation with Alibaba, most concerned about is the construction with the navigation map data as the core, and big data service system and life service information is highly related to the integration, and establish the service life map database based mass, better to promote the high moral map as the entrance and application of service life of mobile operators the level of.

is now working with ALI High German company has won the first stage of the symbol achievement — High German "Tmall double eleven zone, both sides realize the four aspects: integration of geographic data, map search, cloud computing, product development / support Taobao account login / technology. Germany has the position information and a large amount of data, these data have opened with ALI commodity merchants and users of data, can produce the chemical effect is very beneficial, and is a necessary step to promote e-commerce online and offline to get through.

see, when you take a mobile phone, see his users near the open competition and logistics data media businesses, students may think "if nearly 20 million parcels each Ali generated every day have the track on the map, but not what time is simple, what time to what time served, so simple. It will be more imaginative in the future?"

Tmall High German O2O change, this is just the beginning of

Ali has been investing in High German over the past six months, it was found that Ali’s ambition is far more than the local life that >

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