Electricity supplier brush is not a trivial thing cheat users to induce consumption

recently, Jingdong was blasting official brush single, so the headlines on the Internet, has been a Taobao brush is an open secret. The unexpected is the Jingdong actually has to play this trick, but Jingdong brush the authenticity of the event, now is not a good judge. Jingdong and Taobao is the leading business platform, Taobao was forced to rectify the event earlier due to selling, selling Taobao in recent years become the most negative news. Today, Jingdong has been blasting official brush is the same, there is no fuss about negative information, but what is the intention behind the electricity supplier brush. Jingdong, Taobao have brush alone is not a trivial matter, data fraud is actually cheating ordinary consumers and users.


often online shopping friends will have such a habit, it is like to look at the sales of similar products, and those who sell high, top ranked goods are more likely to be purchased. The reasons can be summed up in two points: first, consumers generally herd mentality, high sales means that people buy more, a simple understanding of the quality of the goods will be good, at least better than the same quality of goods. The second is the high sales volume, much more worthy of praise of the user’s trust in Taobao and Jingdong, such as shopping platform, it is impossible to see the kind of like the line. This is a relatively large electricity supplier criticism, consumers can only through pictures, text, as well as sales and other indicators to judge the quality of good or bad products.

single brush or brush praise, in fact, data fraud, and is directly deceived by the vast number of ordinary consumers. As the saying goes, people do not stand without a letter, as a leader in the domestic electricity supplier platform, Jingdong and Taobao data fraud behavior, will gradually lose the trust of users. However, if the official brush Jingdong, it may be more serious than the seller’s brush on Taobao platform. Brush and brush the majority of sellers are in order to increase sales of marketing, so as long as the electronic business platform to increase penalties can be, Taobao brush, brush credibility, brush praise phenomenon has spread. Jingdong’s electricity supplier model is different from Taobao, the seller is not so common brush phenomenon.

in the eyes of consumers love many online shopping, genuine Jingdong much more than Tmall and Taobao, although Jingdong on similar products than high prices on Taobao, but there are still many users choose Jingdong, Taobao and Tmall to give up. In fact, we are very clear, there must be a lot of fake Jingdong, but not more than 60% of Taobao’s fake so prominent. Shops selling is illegal, so why selling electricity supplier is not illegal, but if Taobao fakes on the shelves, the estimated taobao.com will be difficult to survive.

business platform selling fake and brush single great harm, brush single purpose is to induce consumers, goods orders increased. Jingdong, Taobao worth mentioning, the loss of consumer trust, then it is estimated that the death is not far away.

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