Create a new way of playing space


entrepreneurial era, the numerous public record space Pumianerlai, carrying the entrepreneur’s dream, also sounded a bubble

in Zhongguancun Venture Street, it is difficult to drink a cup of pure coffee. Each cafe over the discussion on the team, is released into the atmosphere, the user model, investment. As of last century in 80s and 90s, everywhere is self-employed, everywhere in the factories, the people in this era of entrepreneurship, the numerous public record space is blowing, carrying the dream of entrepreneurs, also sounded a bubble.

recently due to the prime minister’s visit, this less than 1 kilometers of entrepreneurial Street limelight no more than two, but also set off a frenzy of entrepreneurship in the country. In the afternoon, the creation of Beijing public space alliance, the second day of Jingdong smart tea shop opened. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai’s new workshop, Shenzhen firewood record passenger space, Hangzhou onion capsule, Nanjing maxspace up etc…….

a new industry – entrepreneurial services came into being. It is interesting that the following three passenger space are claiming to be a service company, are in the rush time, the first mover advantage, but the background is different, different gameplay. In this huge market, who can take the


"we have become tourist attractions, and the following is always full of people." After the prime minister referred to the changes, 3W founder Xu can not help but feel. He has answered this question for the first time in N.


than three years ago the wild, Xu just calm a lot. He could hardly see any visitors and spent most of his time in the office on the third floor. "3W is very famous in the Internet circles before, but now it is famous in the public, but it has nothing to do with us."

but there are more and more people working with him. The creation of public space to bring him a new opportunity.

after the 3W cafe is a three storey building, the first floor is the idea of entrepreneurs have come to talk, do not set any threshold; the two floor is when the visitor decides to do poineering work, will come to enroll in some organized communication; the third floor is entrepreneurs after two rounds of interviews after settled incubator office. This is actually a visible screen.

next, he is ready to create a chain of twenty or thirty square meters of small cafes, a bar, a few tables and chairs, the two attendants, unified management. Has been talking about nearly a hundred public space, he hopes to open hundreds of future, while the output service.

The fall of Xu just know that

had planted, not so easy to do the cafe. 2012, a serious loss of 3W coffee shop near the collapse, thanks to a timely injection of 400 thousand yuan of funds, only to survive.

from the edge of life and death to break out, Xu made a decision that is full of philosophical meaning – return to the essence of things. Prior to this, he only regarded the cafe as a mutual

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