CNTV mall channel renamed CCTV online mall officially entered the electricity supplier


[review] CCTV online mall is a clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, household appliances, electrical appliances, baby B2B2C business platform, the site layout similar to the Tmall mall, currently has about 40 of the electricity supplier website B2C cooperation.


online mall CCTV screenshot (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Luo Song) November 1st news, the original CCTV’s CNTV mall channel ( in October 30th was renamed "CCTV online mall, and now has about 40 of the electricity supplier B2C website to achieve cooperation, which marks the CCTV CNTV mall channel officially from commercial navigation platform transformation, straight into the electricity supplier business.

is reported that the CCTV online shopping mall is a clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, household appliances, maternal and electrical appliances, including B2B2C electronic business platform, site layout similar to Tmall mall. In addition to online shopping business, CCTV online shopping mall and buy information industry information anti fake alliance three information channels, the main release of the electricity supplier industry or shopping in the field of news.

official announcement that CCTV’s online shopping mall CCTV version of the official domain name: or CCTV to online shopping mall brand flagship store in the form of sales of various types of high-quality genuine goods, cooperation joint industry enterprises, high-end authentic licensed brands, enterprise direct agents, provide fine goods and quality services for users. CCTV online shopping mall will build a comprehensive integrity of high-end e-commerce platform for the development of the industry to establish a benchmark."

analysts believe that due to the CCTV "focus", "weekly quality report" and other programs set up fake image, will let consumers trust the online mall supply, however, do platform is a complicated thing, factors include infrastructure and architecture, product quality, service level and a series of brand. The force is only one aspect.

In addition,

online shopping mall does not have obvious advantages in commodity prices. Such as the AFU brand 100ml rose fruit oil price of 298 yuan, the product in the Jingdong mall is $235, the price of $255 in Tmall, Taobao’s lowest price of $88.


The original

CNTV Mall (Tencent technology plan)


last September 22nd, CNTV launched mall channel (, and announced the establishment of cooperation with the group 800 buy navigation service platform. Public information, CNTV mall is a commodity recommendation as the main form of commodity navigation platform, covering electricity supplier navigation, buy Navigation >

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