Depth analysis of the main factors restricting the development of Taobao customers

business in the Internet on the people want to make money, people need to eat grain, these are all need money to buy, no money is almost can’t do anything for us, online business customers Taobao webmaster, rely on SEO to optimize the transaction commission for promotion, some people is to look at the market. How, but some people are full-time, has always been to feed themselves through guest commissions, before ranking spirit has already said, now Taobao customers also make money not to make money, make money is not much.

why not make money? That is a number of factors limiting our development, in fact, we also want to do well, but has always been bad. Back in 06 years, the entire Internet Taobao off almost all make over that time, the search engine is really fun, but also fewer competitors, Google did not withdraw from the market before and after China, this is not better. Almost 08 years later, more and more difficult to do, and to the present, it must be ranked wizard does not say that you are aware of this situation. The front passenger Taobao are already making money withdrawal, leaving only when we pick up the pieces. This time they may be soaring in another piece of the sky.

Since the front passenger

do Taobao people are able to make so much money, why now changed? Why don’t we now most of the money, if you want to know the reason, then this ranking wizard will give you talk about this in the end is what factors restricting our development.

first, change the pattern of search engines

in the search engine in the world is never too calm, from 08 years ago, the world level search engine in China is relatively hot, if to do a comparison, then ranking spirit simple to say, that time is now Google Baidu, while Baidu if the 360 search engine, now the relative, maybe the results with almost sogou. Google China in front is a more accurate search engine, many users are in use, but relatively speaking, there is no Taobao blow off site rules, so have been fattened a lot of Taobao passenger station.

from 08 years later, Baidu is slowly made up, the relative share is more, while Google China in China due to various "filter" problem, so had to withdraw from the Chinese, is also in the 10 year, ranking the elves remember when the weather was still not cold, it is spring time. In fact, this time Taobao customer profit has begun to decline, but slow.

second, follow the Wangzhuan

maybe now there are still many people listen to certain month making millions of fairy tales, so slowly into the station, but the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, so the money is less and less, finally, come to blame.

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