WAL-MART launched its own mobile payment, it will be rejected before the Apple Pay easy to use it

for WAL-MART, Walmart Pay can be more than just a payment function, but also a way to transform the electricity supplier.

in October last year, Apple released Apple Pay, WAL-MART’s attitude has been rejected. So when you heard that yesterday, WAL-MART released its own mobile payment system Walmart Pay, probably not too surprised.

this is also the first provider of mobile payment services. Walmart Pay will be built in WAL-MART’s mobile shopping applications, while supporting iOS and Android systems. On Thursday, the service will be introduced in the United States a number of WAL-MART stores, Christmas shopping season after the gradual opening of stores across the United states.

, however, just like the previous Samsung payment is not optimistic about the same, WAL-MART’s payment system will be easier than before it refused to use Apple


and Apple Pay compared to the use of Walmart Pay to be more complex. Apple Pay application is NFC technology, touch the back of the phone will be able to enter the subway, supermarket checkout that kind of. The working principle of Walmart Pay is through the two-dimensional code, that is to say, WAL-MART checkout users need to open app, click on the "Walmart Pay", and then use the mobile phone camera to scan two-dimensional code displayed on the cashier terminal, then wait for the cashier scans merchandise, payment.

in fact, in order to fight Apple Pay, WAL-MART had also and Target, CVS Health and other large retailers, hotel groups formed the Merchant Customer Exchange alliance. A few weeks ago, the mobile wallet "they developed CurrentC" began in Columbia, Ohio and other places of beta – however, than the Apple Pay too late for a whole year.

of course, WAL-MART launched its mobile payment services there is another layer of meaning. Previously, WAL-MART had planned to invest $2 billion in the next two years to strengthen the electricity supplier. WAL-MART hopes that the new payment system can promote the use of mobile shopping applications, but also to attract more users to stay in WAL-MART, rather than turning to Amazon, Target and other electricity providers.

according to ComScore data data, in October, WAL-MART’s mobile phone app has about 24 million active users. In the past year, the number of people who visit WAL-MART app increased by 20%, while the number of people who visit Amazon app increased by 64%.

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