Adsense network broadcast NetEase, such as pornography, Baidu has been investigating the network is

1 Alipay started to collect fees of several fund suspended Alipay channel  

company is a large number of fund to suspend cooperation with Alipay in the monetary fund and the bond fund on the channel.

recently, a number of fund companies, including yifangda, Golden State Common Fund, Societe Generale Global Fund, Fidelity Fund, Galaxy fund, announced that the suspension of the Alipay channel purchase, and conversion into fixed investment services. Alipay is currently suspended channel subscription are money funds and bond funds. Nandu reporter learned exclusively from the industry, Alipay is a large number of fund companies to stop cooperation behind, Alipay started to collect fees on money funds and bond funds. "The original Monetary Fund and the bond fund’s profit is very thin, so Alipay price, the fund can only be stopped and Alipay cooperation." A third party payment company official told reporters in Nandu.

2 the Ministry of public security "encirclement and suppression" network investment fraud: breaking the "high, big," investment scam  

has a large market, there are transactions, procedures, companies, employees…… Such financial companies seem to have what special, but in this seemingly "network trading platform, and" every day, but there are millions of yuan here "disappear", investors still think is of poor investment.

since 2014, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and other places to continue to take place in the spot, futures trading in the name of the implementation of fraud cases. Because of its novel, a huge amount of money involved, bad social impact, for the establishment of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation led by the "3· 20" special group, in the city of Chongqing from the list of commodities trading market of more than 27 pieces of data to identify clues based on alleged network investment fraud group will be distributed in the whole country 25 a province, city, assigned to the local public security organ of investigation.

3 thunder sell his flesh and blood to see if you can turn the decadent magic?  

April 1st fool’s day, the thunder to the suddenness of a thunderbolt to look forward to the people a false Madden news really heavy news. They to $130 million price, sell their own hands for many years to cultivate a look, "then set the man" is the nest international.

after 3 years of independent operation, known as the domestic first HD portal, with a look at the fate of the fate of the 400 million members of this transition. In this regard, the official explanation given by the thunder is to peel the company in order to meet the strategic point of view to streamline the business, so that management attention can be put into the mobile and crystal plan to implement the strategy.

4 Internet lottery or the introduction of the new network is expected to restart the sale of color  

April 2nd from the Shaoguan daily was informed that a large domestic Internet lottery site has now begun to restart the business to prepare for the site

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